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Durga Devi Nepal's 'Bageko Khola' Awarded by 'Godhuli Award' 2079

News 05 Nov 2022 71 0

Durga Devi Nepal's 'Bageko Khola' will be given the 'Godhuli Award' for the year 2079. It has been decided that 'Bageko Khola' will be given as a special work 'Godhuli Award' along with ten thousand rupees and a copper plate to be provided by Twilight Literature Foundation.

It is mentioned in the statement issued by the organization that the decision was taken at a meeting presided over by Mrs. Ganga Legal, president of Godhuli Literature Foundation. 85-year-old Mrs. Durgadevi, a resident of Biratnagar, Nepal, has been suffering from various diseases for decades. Prakash Samir, the coordinator of Godhuli Literary Institute, who is currently residing in Kathmandu, informed.