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Education, Science, and Technology Minister Devendra Paudel Inaugurated Green Building in Kavre

News 28 Nov 2022 134 0

Devendra Poudel

Education, Science, and Technology Minister Devendra Paudel have said that the right of the people to get quality education within the country should be established. Pointing out the need for universities to be specialized, he said that no one should be deprived of the right to quality education.

Inaugurating the 'Green Building' constructed with the support of the University Grants Commission at Dhulikhel in Kavrepalanchok today, Minister Paudel said that Kathmandu University is becoming an example among other universities in the field of technology.

In the era of globalization, it is natural to go and study in the country of your choice, but he emphasized that universities should create an environment where citizens can get the education they want to study within the country. 'The education that citizens want should be obtained within the country, it is the responsibility of the university to provide such education, he said, 'according to the projection set by the state, universities should determine the details of what kind of manpower to produce and how much.'

If the university is opening and increasing old subjects, only the number will increase, but he urged to emphasize on quality rather than quantity. Minister Poudel said that the province has also been recognized to open universities according to the rights given by the constitution.