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Gandaki Province Presents Policy and Program for 2080-81 Financial Year

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Gandaki Province Policy and Program for 2080-81

Gandaki Province Presents Policy and Program for the 2080-81 Financial Year

The Government of Gandaki Province has unveiled its policy and program for the financial year 2080-81. Provincial Chief Prithviman Gurung presented the comprehensive plan during a meeting of the Gandaki Provincial Assembly, adhering to the tradition of presenting policies and programs before the budget.

Focus on Frugal Public Expenditure and Capital Expenditure

The Gandaki state government has emphasized the importance of prudent public expenditure, aiming to reduce current expenditure while increasing capital expenditure. This approach seeks to ensure the effective utilization of resources for the province's development and prosperity.

Laws and Regulations Development

In its efforts to improve governance, the government has formulated 61 laws and 22 regulations thus far. Recognizing the need for amendments, the program includes 34 conflicting laws to be addressed through provincial laws and amendment acts. Various factors, such as government administration experiences, gender justice, and suggestions from intergovernmental mechanisms inform these amendments.

Free Agriculture and Animal Insurance

The policy and program document highlights the government's commitment to supporting the agricultural sector. It states that agriculture and animal insurance will be made more accessible by subsidizing 20 percent of the costs. This initiative aims to provide financial security and protect farmers and their livestock from unforeseen challenges.

Enhancing Infrastructure and Connectivity

The Gandaki province government places great importance on infrastructure development. The policy and program prioritize the expansion and upgrading of the road network, ensuring connectivity between local levels and the central government. Furthermore, the government aims to establish a road linking neighboring countries through the Korna-Triveni route, fostering regional integration and trade.

Healthcare Initiatives for Children and Senior Citizens

The provincial government's policies and programs for the financial year underscore the importance of healthcare accessibility. Children under the age of 10 and senior citizens over 60 will receive free outpatient services and laboratory tests at hospitals and Ayurveda health centers. This initiative aims to promote the well-being of vulnerable populations and improve overall public health.

Promoting Institutional Deliveries

To ensure safe childbirth practices, the provincial government plans to launch a special campaign to achieve zero deliveries outside health institutions. The program aims to increase institutional deliveries and reduce risks associated with home births. This initiative aligns with the government's commitment to maternal and child health.

Education Reform and Skill Development

The government envisions reforming the education sector through the formulation of provincial laws. The introduction of the "Learning and Earning, Earning and Learning Program" in public schools offering technical and vocational education is expected to enhance the quality of education and empower students with practical skills for the job market.

Investment in Sports Infrastructure

Recognizing the importance of sports in fostering talent and promoting healthy lifestyles, the policies and programs include plans to establish a "high altitude" sports training center in Mustang. This initiative aims to nurture athletes and provide them with state-of-the-art facilities to enhance their performance at regional and international competitions.

Promoting Self-Sufficiency in Dairy and Meat Production

Through the "partnership of the state government, farms that do not remain barren" campaign, the provincial government aims to achieve self-sufficiency in dairy and meat production. By focusing on areas with high potential and addressing challenges, such as monkey-related issues, this program seeks to boost agricultural productivity and support local farmers.

Cannabis Cultivation and Transport Office Reforms

The policy and program document acknowledges the feasibility of cannabis cultivation and includes provisions for necessary legal arrangements. Additionally, the Transport Office of Gandaki Province will establish standards for the registration of government, private, and public electric vehicles. The government will continue digitization and archiving efforts to ensure the safe management of old records related to vehicle driver's licenses.

Continuation of Key Programs and New Initiatives

The government's commitment to ongoing programs is evident as it pledges to continue the "Ek Ghar Ek Dhara" campaign, which focuses on providing housing to the needy. Furthermore, a water excursion for tourism in the natural pond, Taltalaiya, is planned to promote local attractions and boost the tourism sector. The "Chief Minister Program with the People," initiated by the founding Chief Minister of Gandaki Province, Prithvi Subba Gurung, will also be implemented to ensure direct engagement with the public. Moreover, the inclusion of a health insurance program for journalists within Gandaki Province emphasizes the government's recognition of the crucial role played by the media in society.

Overall, the policy and program for the financial year 2080-81 reflect the government's commitment to inclusive development, resource optimization, and the well-being of its citizens.

Published on 5th June 2023

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