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Gyan Jyoti Basic School, Tulsipur, Dang: A Story of Local Initiative and Resilience: A Story of Local Initiative and Resilience

News 25 Mar 2023 501 0

Government School in Nepal

Gyan Jyoti Basic School, Tulsipur, Dang: A Story of Local Initiative and Resilience

Gyan Jyoti Basic School was established in 2058 BS in Dang Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan Ward No. 5 Patukhola. The school was built by the locals who collected donations to construct a mud-brick building. However, the building was blown away by the wind, but the villagers did not give up and rebuilt the school.

The school started teaching from class 3, but there was no source for teacher's salaries. The locals collected money by donating their fists and even sold rice to pay the teachers. With the support of the community, the school has now become a model for basic schools in Tulsipur.

Today, the school has adequate infrastructure and is technology-friendly, providing quality education from nursery to eighth grade. It has over 450 students, and children from economically disadvantaged, Dalit, and backward communities study here.

Despite the challenges, the school has a dedicated team of ten teachers, four child development experts, one private teacher, and one administrator. Principal Meghraj Ghimire has been running the school since its inception, and even worked for free during tough times.

The school's success has earned recognition from the sub-metropolitan city, which has taken it as an example of a basic excellent school. The school inspector, Chakra Bhandari, praised the school's teaching methods and infrastructure, saying that it is positive for government schools to have over 450 students in basic schools.

The school has made a significant impact on the local community, providing education to landless families and those who make a living crushing gravel in Patukhola. Students are happy to study close to home, but they demand that the school extend its teaching beyond eighth grade.

Overall, Gyan Jyoti Basic School's story is an inspiring example of how local initiative and resilience can overcome adversity and build a better future through education.

Published on 25th March 2023