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Inauguration of Pokhara University Teaching Hospital

News 21 May 2024 378 0

Pokhara University Teaching Hospital Building

Inauguration of Pokhara University Teaching Hospital: A New Era in Healthcare and Education

The Pokhara University Teaching Hospital, located in Khudi, Pokhara Metropolitan City-30 Lekhnath, has officially opened its doors. Gandaki Province Chief Minister Khagraj Adhikari inaugurated the 100-bed facility, marking a significant milestone in the region's healthcare and educational landscape.

Hospital Overview

  • Location: Khudi, Pokhara Metropolitan City-30 Lekhnath
  • Capacity: 100 beds
  • Operational Status: Fully operational as of the latest inauguration, with partial operations beginning last August

Key Highlights from the Inauguration

  • Chief Minister's Address: Chief Minister Khagraj Adhikari emphasized the importance of prioritizing health insurance for all patients. He highlighted the necessity of the hospital's services and urged the community to support and utilize the facility.
  • Focus on Quality: The Chief Minister stressed that the hospital must deliver high-quality healthcare services to prevent physical and human suffering due to health issues.
  • Educational Integration: Prof. Dr. Deepak Bahadur Bhandari, the university registrar and chairman of the hospital's board of directors, noted that the establishment of the teaching hospital was crucial for providing practical training to medical students enrolled in Pokhara University's programs.

Significance for the Community

The Pokhara University Teaching Hospital is set to become a vital healthcare provider in the region. Its establishment ensures that:

  • Enhanced Healthcare Access: Residents of Pokhara and surrounding areas now have better access to medical services.
  • Practical Training for Students: Medical students at Pokhara University gain hands-on experience, enhancing their learning and future careers.
  • Health Insurance Priority: The emphasis on health insurance aims to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for everyone.

Commitment to Quality Services

The hospital's management is dedicated to delivering top-notch healthcare services. This commitment includes:

  • Advanced Medical Facilities: Equipped with modern medical technologies to provide comprehensive care.
  • Skilled Medical Professionals: Staffed with qualified doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers to ensure excellent patient care.
  • Community Engagement: Encouraging local residents to understand and utilize the hospital's services for better health outcomes.


The inauguration of the Pokhara University Teaching Hospital represents a significant advancement in both healthcare and medical education in the region. By prioritizing quality services and health insurance, the hospital is poised to make a lasting impact on the community's well-being. This new facility not only addresses immediate healthcare needs but also plays a crucial role in training the next generation of medical professionals.

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