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India’s First Private Rocket 'Vikram-S' Successfully Launched

News 19 Nov 2022 143 0

Indias First Private Rocket

A private space company launched a rocket in India for the first time. The 'Vikram-S' rocket, manufactured by Skyroot Aerospace, a space company based in Hyderabad, India, was launched on Friday. According to the builders, this rocket has been named after Vikram Sarabhai, who is known as the father of the Indian space program.

The rocket was launched from the launch center of the Indian Space Organization (ISRO) in Chennai. The rocket weighing 555 kg reached a height of 89.5 km and fell. This height is lower than the Earth's Karman line. The Earth's Karman Line is a hundred kilometers above, which separates the Earth and space.

The private rocket launch was broadcasted live by ISRO. According to the Indian media, the rocket fell into the Bay of Bengal 5 minutes after the launch.

The rocket given 'mission start' is a single-stage, solid-fuel rocket. According to Skyroot Aerospace, carbon composite structure and 3D components are used in this rocket.

Through 3D printing, the company aimed to reduce the cost of rockets used in launching satellites by 90 percent. The company plans to launch rockets carrying satellites next year.

After launching the Mangalyaan Orbiter in 2014, India became the first Asian country to reach Mars. The US reached Mars by spending billions of dollars, and India completed the 'Mangalyaan Mission' at the cost of 74 million dollars.

ISRO had successfully launched 36 satellites into low Earth orbit in the previous month alone.