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Information Session of De Montfort University Dubai Camp Concluded

News 06 Jul 2022 99 0

Information Session of De Montfort University Dubai Camp Concluded

Vice President Student Recruitment and Student Life Krishna Kumar C Negade and Manager Student Life Kaji Tamang of De Montfort University Dubai Camp have arrived in Nepal for University Promotion. Krishna Kumar and Kaji Tamang, who have come to Nepal for the purpose of meeting educational consultancy businesses, conducting interviews with students, and visiting various educational institutions, have given information.

At the educational fair organized at the Royal Banquet Tinkune in Kathmandu, the university team along with many students were briefed about the university's courses on the Dubai campus and the presence of international students there. The students also discussed the admission process, the cost of the study period and the opportunities available in Dubai, and the Pathway program in Dubai and the UK. The students discussed the Pathway program, the minimum qualifications for it, and the advantages and disadvantages of two years in Dubai and two years in the UK.

Krishna Kumar C Negade, Vice President of Student Recruitment and Life, said that even though De Montfort University UK is located at The Gateway, Leicester, the basic infrastructure of education and services to international students will be the same on the Dubai campus as in the UK.

Kaji Tamang, Student Life Manager of the University, said that the students can benefit a lot from the opportunity to study in Dubai for two years and go to the UK or graduate from the University in Dubai.

Therefore, students can log on to WWW.DMU.AC.UK to get all the information about De Montfort University.