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Janaki Rural Municipality Banke Established Kanya School

News 26 Jul 2023 556 0

Nepal Rastriya Kanya Aadharbhut School Banke

Empowering Girls Through Education: The Innovative Initiative by Banke's Janaki Rural Municipality in Nepal

In a pioneering move to counter gender disparities in education and curtail child marriages, the Janaki Rural Municipality of Banke, Nepal has established a dedicated school for girls. Catering specifically to the girls from Madhesh and Muslim communities, Nepal Rastriya Kanya Aadharbhut School is striving to keep girls in school and build a better future for them.

Inspiring Confidence and Enhancing Enrollment

Located in Manpur, within the third ward of the rural municipality, the institution provides education from the Primary Child Development Center right through to Class 6. Despite being in its nascent stage, the school, led by Principal Malti Shahi, has successfully garnered an encouraging response. A total of 274 students have already been enrolled since the commencement of the current academic session.

Principal Shahi shares, "In its first year, the school has witnessed a high enrollment rate, showcasing the confidence of parents in our initiative to educate their daughters."

Providing Safe and Comfortable Learning Environment

The school represents a breakthrough against cultural norms that often restrict girls' education in the Madhesh and Muslim communities. Chhabban Khan, chairman of the rural municipality, reveals that the establishment of a girls-only school was necessary as parents often hesitated to send their daughters out for education.

In this regard, the decision to employ female teachers and staff plays a critical role in assuring parents about the safety and appropriateness of the learning environment.

Addressing the Transportation Issue

Acknowledging the significant role that transportation plays in school attendance, the rural municipality has made arrangements for a school bus service. The aim is to ensure safe and reliable transport for students between their homes and the school.

According to the Chief Administrative Officer Sinharaj Dangi, they are in the final stages of acquiring a bus to serve all six wards of the municipality, with an additional vehicle requested from the Indian Embassy.

Providing Essential School Supplies

In addition to ensuring secure transportation, the initiative is also focused on providing students with essential school supplies. The rural municipality is committed to providing necessary clothes, shoes, and other materials to the students, further reducing barriers to education.

The initiative by Banke's Janaki Rural Municipality is not just about educating girls, but it's also about taking strong steps towards preventing school dropouts and reducing child marriages. This novel initiative encapsulates the motto - "Empower a girl, empower a nation." It's an inspiration for other regions to follow, working together to build a future where every girl has access to quality education.

Publisehd on 26th July 2023

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