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Policy and Program Kathmandu Metropolitan City for 2079 / 80

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Kathmandu Metropolitan City Policy and Program for 2079-80

Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Balen (Balendra) Sah has made public the policy and program of the Fiscal Year 2079/080 BS and announced to formulate and implement vehicle standards to manage the light vehicles of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City on the basis of performance.

 The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is going to make the facility of transportation for government employees based on performance.

A study had shown that vehicles and fuel of Kathmandu Metropolitan City are being misused. The metropolis does not even have data on how many vehicles it owns and who is using them.

The executive meeting had formed a committee under the coordination of Mukunda Rijal, chairman of ward 16 on 17 Mangsir 2077 BS to study the management of vehicles, regulation of fuel provided as facilities and the need for additional vehicles.

According to the study report done by the committee after three months, there has been widespread misuse of vehicles and fuel in the metropolis. In addition, it is mentioned in the report of the study committee that the departmental heads and lower-level employees of the metropolis are involved in this.

The committee concluded that there were 55 to 60 four-wheelers in the metropolis and no details were available on the number of motorcycles.

Details of available vehicles are included in the report. According to the committee members, most of the vehicles in the metropolis have not paid their annual tax.

Some department heads have been found using two vehicles. Some vehicles have been found to be red with no white number plate, which is used by the family and relatives of the employees. Similarly, it has been revealed that some vehicles have not been returned since the employees of the metropolis took them.

Summary of "Kathmandu Municipal Policy and Program" for 2079:

- In all the schools from class 1 to class 8, the work of teaching according to the local Nepali language curriculum will be continued.

- School campus improvement program of community schools will be conducted Under this, construction and upgrading of toilets, provision of free sanitary pads, provision of drinking water, and provision of lockers for students will be provided.

- A policy will be adopted to conduct non-formal education and SIP development programs through community-level learning centers.

- Necessary arrangements will be made to ensure the health of the taxpayers who have paid taxes in the metropolis A maximum of 50 percent subsidy of insurance fee will be provided

- Free beds will be provided in the hospital for the needy citizens residing permanently within the metropolitan area, and arrangements will be made for the operation of an integrated ambulance service.

- Within a year, digital profiles of all physical infrastructures including roads, sewers, drinking water pipelines, street lights, telephones, and other physical infrastructures within the metropolitan area will be prepared and integrated details will be collected. The existing infrastructure ambulance service with materials and manpower will be expanded and continued

- Upgradation of sidewalks, traditional style fruit for resting of passengers at bus stops, upgrading of public toilets to make them disability and gender-friendly, Mahanagar Ujyalo program will be continued.

- Rehabilitation of doubles within the metropolitan area and construction of Amp Theater

(Homestay operation will be arranged in the coming financial year in the Handigaun area which is a heritage of ancient civilization.)

- Newa: Initiatives will be taken to brand the local beverages prevalent in the community internationally by completing the necessary legal process, various fairs and festivals will be introduced internationally and tourism will be promoted.

- Waste to Energy Plant will be set up at suitable places of Kathmandu Metropolitan City and other local level for recycling and processing of garbage.

- Park will be constructed by removing encroachment of public lands On the first Sunday of every month, the mayor's program with the people, Mahanagar e-library will be established and brought into operation

- The service provided by the metropolis will be gradually expanded in line with the concept of home delivery government.

लिग League competitions will be organized in collaboration with national and international level sports clubs.

- Necessary coordination will be made in department stores, shopping malls, marts within the metropolitan area to provide a fixed place for sale and distribution of local products and organic food items.

- Arrangements will be made to visit the homes of senior citizens above 70 years of age for health check up

- Necessary coordination will be made to operate disability friendly ATM machine.

- Necessary arrangements will be made to build own mart (KMC mart) and bring it into operation.

- In order to make public transport effective, a separate company will be established and necessary initiative will be taken to manage all public transport within the valley under one umbrella.

- Necessary arrangements will be made to prohibit the placement of shops on sidewalks


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