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List of Public Transpiration New Fare in Bagmati Province

News 10 Apr 2022 5635 0

List of Public Transporation Fare in Bagmati Province 1

As the federal government adjusted the fares of long-distance vehicles, so did the fares of short-distance public and freight vehicles. As per the decision of the Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, the Department of Transport Management has adjusted the fare of long-distance vehicles within a week.

The Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Transport under the Bagmati province Government has increased the fares of short-distance vehicles operating in the province with effect from First Baishakh 2079 BS.

The province government has provinced that the fare has been adjusted as per the ministerial decision of April 8 and now if the market price of petroleum products is 5 percent or more or less, the vehicle fare will be adjusted accordingly.

With the fare hike of up to 15 percent for public and freight vehicles, it is seen that the price will go up in every sector and this will affect the people with normal income.

In the Kathmandu Valley, the fare will be Rs. 20 as soon as you board the public transport. The fare for 5 km (km) has been fixed at Rs. Earlier, it was Rs 18. The province government has fixed Rs 25 for 10 km, Rs 30 for 15 km, Rs 33 for 20 km and Rs 38 for distances over 20 km. As per the said fare, it has been found that the fare has been increased up to 13 percent.

In the case of public transport operating outside Kathmandu Valley, the current fare has been increased by 10 percent.

The province government has also increased the fare of freight vehicles by 13 percent. Based on the report submitted by the Rental Determination / Adjustment and Electronic Rental Payment Regulations, 2078 BS to the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development on 6 September, the recommended fare for 11.91 km per tonne has been increased by 13 percent to 13.45. The ministry has provinced that per capita per tonne has been maintained.

In 20 Chaitra, the federal government had decided to increase fares on long-distance vehicles by up to 15 percent. Earlier, last Ashad last year, the rent was increased by 28 percent.

The federal government has increased the fare of freight vehicles operating on hilly roads by 13 percent and freight vehicles operating in the Terai by 15 percent.

Earlier, the Department of Transport Management had increased the fare on long-distance public transport by 28 percent by adjusting the fare on public transport operating in Antar Pradesh. The department had increased the fare by 28 percent for passenger vehicles, 20 percent for freight vehicles operating on hilly roads, and 26 percent for freight vehicles operating on Terai roads.

The government has been increasing the fares of vehicles saying that the prices of petroleum products have gone up in the international arena.

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