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Notice of Tribhuvan University Curriculum Development Centre

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Notice of Tribhuvan University Curriculum Development Centre

In relation to the above mentioned below, you have not been contacted by this center despite repeated calls and emails to contact this center along with the proof of residence in the respective country where you studied full-time during the study period, so please submit the proof of your residence in the respective country to this center within 35 days otherwise in your name. It is informed that the issued equivalency letter is considered to be automatically revoked.


  1. Sunita Lama

    • Address: Sindhupalchowk, Bagmati Province
    • University: Jiamusi University, Jiamusi, China
    • Degree: MBBS
    • Equivalence Letter No.: 11221
    • Date of Equivalence Letter: 2078-11-11
  2. Bipin Kumar Khanal

    • Address: Surkhet, Karnali Province
    • University: Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, China
    • Degree: Bachelor's of Aeronautical Engineering (Aircraft Design & Engineering)
    • Equivalence Letter No.: 10134
    • Date of Equivalence Letter: 2078-10-16
  3. Bikash Shah

    • Address: Siraha, Province No. 2
    • University: Shenyang Aerospace University, China
    • Degree: Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering (Aircraft Manufacturing)
    • Equivalence Letter No.: 9641
    • Date of Equivalence Letter: 2078-10-3
  4. Bhusan Neupane

    • Address: Kathmandu, Bagmati Province
    • University: Hohai University, Nanjing, China
    • Degree: Master in Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering
    • Equivalence Letter No.: 16554
    • Date of Equivalence Letter: 2079-1-15
  5. Ram Ishwar Yadav

    • Address: Dhanusha, Madhesh Province
    • University: Guangzhou Medical University, China
    • Degree: Master of Orthopaedics
    • Equivalence Letter No.: 15775
    • Date of Equivalence Letter: 2079-11-18
  6. Amit Srivastava

    • Address: Lalitpur, Bagmati Province
    • University: Hubei Medical University, China
    • Degree: Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Internal Medicine
    • Equivalence Letter No.: 1947
    • Date of Equivalence Letter: 2079-4-26
  7. OM Prakash Yadav

    • Address: Dhanusha, Madhesh Province
    • University: Sun Yat-Sen University, China
    • Degree: M.B.B.S
    • Equivalence Letter No.: 9368
    • Date of Equivalence Letter: 2079-8-26


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