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Ministry of Education Bulletin 2081 Baishakh 16

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Ministry of Education Bulletin 2081 Baishakh 16

The request of the Education and Human Resource Development Center to all schools, local levels to enter the Integrated Educational Information Management System (IEMIS) after surveying the physical infrastructure of the school, and mapping the school.

Section 11 J (12) of the Local Government Operation Act 2074 states that the work related to mapping, permission, approval, adjustment, and regulation of schools is to be done at the local level and to support that work, survey the physical condition of schools throughout the country in the current fiscal year 2080/2081. the program and budget for school mapping and other work have been handed over financially. The Integrated Educational Information Management System (IEMIS) has been updated to enable a physical survey of schools, and school mapping. There is a request for arrangements to enter the information in IEMIS for the academic session 2081 by completing the physical survey and school mapping work as soon as possible and considering the following grounds. (1) In accordance with Section 6 of the School Physical Infrastructure Construction Standards, 2080, a school infrastructure development committee should be formed at the local level and the school physical infrastructure survey should be conducted under the leadership of the same committee. np/file_data/mediacenter_files/media_file-25-1043863512.pdf

(2) Surveying the current physical condition of schools within the local level, identifying schools that are likely to be merged, adjusted and downgraded among currently operating schools based on geographical location, population density, number and condition of school-age children, and the section of the Compulsory and Free Education Act. Considering the arrangement made by 7 and the walking distance that has been practiced before, should a new school be established in a place or should an alternative education system be managed according to section 14, 15 and 16 of the Act? Make a clear opinion of the committee about receiving information about it and make arrangements for implementation.

(3) To facilitate the work related to school physical survey, and school mapping, from the Center for Education and Human Resource Development, "Helpful resource manual for school mapping, physical survey and school adjustment 2080" -25-96266720.pdf has been developed. Since the said resource book is helpful for school physical condition survey and school mapping, it is requested to make arrangements to enter the same information in IEMIS in the academic session 2081.

(4) The physical survey of the school should collect the following information:

(a) Collection of information related to the condition of the enclosure in the hands of the school (Information regarding whether or not there is an enclosure?)

(b) Toilet water condition in the school premises (whether there is potable water, if not in sufficient quantity, if so, from which source did the water come? its environment, water treatment system)

(c) Collection of information on physical infrastructure in currently operating schools (how many buildings, how many rooms in which building, purpose of rooms - administration, teaching and learning, laboratory, library, staff room, financial administration room, health room, toilets inside the building, etc.)

(d) Collecting information about the condition of the built infrastructure (very good and reliable, satisfactory, unsafe), the year it was built, the financial resources and programs used to build it.

(e) To take photographs of each building of the constructed infrastructure showing both sides and enter it in IEMIS

(f) containing the details (length of room, width, length of enclosure, width) of the built infrastructure measured in metres;

(G) To collect information on whether the physical infrastructure is in accordance with the standards based on the standards related to the construction of school physical infrastructure

(5) To use the updated system in IEMIS for school mapping and school survey, arrange for the accounting of all school buildings at the local level by mobilizing the technical staff working at the local level for the physical infrastructure survey, including the technical engineer in the school, and including the photo of the school in IEMIS Prepare and enter details,

(6) Conducting orientation for school principals and teaching staff assigned to work responsibilities of IEMIS, (7) Preparing school mapping report based on students studying in the school, physical conditions and demographics and making decisions on matters such as school permit, school adjustment integration based on the received report.


Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Singhadurbar, Kathmandu

Estd. 1951



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