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List of Public Transportation New Fare in Nepal Effective from 2080 Jestha 3

News 18 May 2023 16452 0

Department of Transport Management

Department of Transport Management Introduces Fare Adjustment Based on Fuel Price

Urgent Notice: Published Date - 2080/02/03

The Department of Transport Management has implemented an innovative fare adjustment system for inter-provincial public transport passenger and freight vehicles. This system automatically adjusts fares based on the fluctuating price of fuel in the market. The department follows a scientific approach to ensure fair pricing and convenience for both passengers and cargo operators.

According to the fare adjustment system, if the market price of fuel experiences a significant increase or decrease of 5% or more, the department will apply the appropriate fare adjustment for inter-provincial public transport. This decision was made on 2078/12/17 and remains in effect.

During the last fare adjustment, which occurred on 2079/03/20, the diesel market price stood at Rs 172/- per litre. However, as of 2080/02/03, the market price reduced by Rs.17/-, bringing it down to Rs.155/- per litre. This reduction corresponds to a decrease of 9.88% from the base price used in the previous adjustment.

The Department of Transport Management has notified all relevant parties about the updated fares for public transport operating on national-level routes. The fares have been adjusted automatically according to the following percentages:

  • Rented Auto: Fare decreased by 3.20%
  • Passenger Vehicle: Fare decreased by 4.19%
  • Cargo Vehicles Operating on Mountain Roads: Fare decreased by 4.65%
  • Cargo Vehicle Operating on the Terai Route: Fare decreased by 4.65%

In line with the implementation of the fare adjustment system, the department has published the updated fare-list for public transport services operating on rescheduled inter-provincial routes. This transparent approach aims to provide clarity and convenience to passengers and cargo operators.

Please note that the fare adjustment system is designed to ensure fair pricing and account for changes in fuel prices, contributing to a balanced and efficient transportation system.

Download New Fare Rate of Public Transportation.PDF