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List of Public Transportation New Fare in Nepal (Last Update 2079-3-6)

News 20 Jun 2022 14180 0

Department of Transport Management

List of Public Transportation New Fare in Nepal (Last Update 2079-3-6):

Along with rising fuel prices, public transport fares have also risen sharply. The Department of Transport Management has increased the fare for inter-province passenger and freight transport as per the arrangement of changing the fare through an automatic system according to the price of fuel. The department has increased the maximum fare by 7.7 percent.

Fares on inter-province public transport have increased by 5.30 percent. Similarly, fares of freight vehicles plying on hilly roads have increased by 6.94 percent and freight vehicles plying in Terai by 7.7 percent. The fare for local routes will remain the same. The Nepal Oil Corporation had increased the price of petrol by Rs 21 per liter and diesel/kerosene by Rs 27 per liter with effect from 12 noon last night. At present, petrol is priced at Rs 199 per liter and diesel/kerosene at Rs 192 per liter. As the price of diesel has gone up by 27 percent, the department has provided that the fare has been adjusted accordingly.