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Medical Education Commission takes Action Against five Students of Medical Education

News 08 Jun 2022 972 0

Medical Education Commission Notice

Five students have been arrested for submitting fake educational certificates for medical education. The Medical Education Commission (MEC), while investigating the students selected for the scholarship from the reservation quota, found fake documents submitted by five students.

It has been found that students use illegal maneuvers to study medical education and get enrollment in government scholarships. According to Damodar Phuyal, deputy secretary of the commission, a complaint was lodged against the five students who submitted their names in the quota after the results were published. He said that the commission had launched an investigation on the same basis and the documents proved to be fake.

The investigation has revealed that some fake Dalits and some students have studied in private and submitted fake school documents, and passed the examination in the scholarship quota.

The commission has been conducting a common entrance examination for the last two years. Earlier, the university used to conduct examinations in its own way. He said that the number of students submitting fake details increased after the commission started conducting common examinations.

When Rinkukumari Yadav appeared for the BNS exam, she submitted all the documents stating that she would be eligible for the Dalit quota. Similarly, Kisun Yadav had also taken the exam claiming that he belonged to the Dalit community by submitting all the false documents. According to the published results, the names of both of them were published in the Dalit Quota Scholarship, but the investigation revealed the secret after a false complaint was lodged against them.

The commission has now removed them from the Dalit quota. Similarly, Babina Bhandari, BSc BMLT, MBBS and BPH, Gagan Pyakule, MBBS and B Pharma, and Safdar Ilyas Ansari had appeared in MBBS by submitting fake certificates stating that they were government school students.

All these students were able to get their names on full scholarships from the reservation quota. But after the results were published, the commission received a complaint that their documents were fake. The commission immediately formed a committee to investigate.

While inquiring in the government school, it was found that the students had passed the school level examination from private schools and not from government schools. The commission has since removed all three from the government scholarship quota. Two persons who submitted fake details of Dalits have also been taken action and removed from the Dalit quota. Due to the high cost of medical education, students have resorted to various maneuvers to obtain scholarships.

Not only that, the five students who were taken into custody will no longer get any government benefits and they will not be included in the merit list.

These students will not be able to study in a good college even if they pay money. Because in their certificate it is mentioned that the angel group has changed in its action. Also, information has been published on the website of the commission along with the name of the student who was taken action. Action has also been taken against the wrong students to reduce the malpractices seen in medical education. This was investigated only on the basis of a complaint.

But, I still don't know how many are fake. The commission also considers the documents submitted by the students as the basis. Not everyone can be examined. Further investigation is carried out beyond the complaint.

A total of 32,565 candidates had appeared for the medical entrance exam this time. Out of them, only 31,046 were qualified for the examination and only 15,568 were found eligible for medical education, according to the results published by the commission.

Out of 2,101, 1,100 students did not write their roll number and some did not mention the set of questions while writing the answer. In this sense, the results of these students were canceled and one thousand students were absent from the examination.

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Medical Education Commission

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