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Meteorologist Said Temperature Being Drops Across the Country

News 29 Oct 2022 190 0

Weather Forcast

The Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFC) has said that due to the influence of westerly winds, cold is felt across the country. Varun Paudel, a senior meteorologist of the Meteorological Forecasting Division, said that the temperature has been decreasing across the country since last week.

He said that he felt cold due to the drop in temperature. He mentioned that now the wind blows from the west and sometimes it is cold when the wind comes from the northwest side of the mountains. He informed that this week will be relatively cold.

Senior meteorologist Poudel clarified that the temperature will not continue to decrease. He said that in October and November it will remain in this condition or only one or two degrees below. On Friday, he mentioned that after the beginning of December, the temperature will decrease and winter will increase.

He said that it is natural for the winter to gradually turn into post-monsoon after the end of the monsoon. He clarified that there is no chance of rain in the next week. He says that the increase and decrease of winter will be determined by the direction of the wind.

He said, the cold does not decrease continuously. Some days it is cloudy and there is a little cold wind, if the wind blows from the northwest, it feels cold. It depends on the direction of the southwest or wind blowing.

It also depends on the sun in the sky during the afternoon. After the clouds cleared in the afternoon, the sun started to shine during the day. If the temperature rises, it feels warm. It is not hot every day. Winter is slowly coming. It will not be difficult to come to minus. The winter gradually increases. There is no chance of rain for a week.

Meteorologist Paudel mentioned that it will be cold from December, and he said that in December, January and February, there will be fog in the Terai, so we should be alert from now. He suggested to make preparations to avoid cold wave situation as well.