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Midwestern University Concluded Second Convocation Ceremony

News 20 Apr 2022 476 0

Midwestern University Concluded Second Convocation Ceremony

A total of 519 students have graduated from the second graduation ceremony of Midwestern University. Five hundred and nineteen out of two thousand 89 eligible students have been initiated in the convocation ceremony held at the central office of the university in Birendranagar on Tuesday.

Minister for Education, Science, and Technology Devendra Poudel awarded the patriarchal medal to nine students who excelled. Kamala Gyawali, Vishna Magar and Isak Ghare of the Faculty of Education, Aishwarya Kumari Bista, Kavya Rijal and Radip Maharjan of the Faculty of Humanities and Sociology have received the patriarchal medal. Similarly, Yam Kumari Acharya, Laxmi Lamichhane and Arjun Kumar Chaudhary have received the same management from the faculty.

Twenty people have received the Vice Chancellor's Medal. The Surkhet Chamber of Commerce and Industry medal was awarded to five postgraduate and undergraduate students. According to the university, 85 students have graduated from the education faculty, 145 from engineering, 152 from humanities, 122 from management, and 15 from science faculty. Similarly, it is said that one person has been honored with a Ph.D Degree.

The chief guest at the event, Kailash Satyarthi, winner of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, congratulated the students and wished them all the best, and said that their responsibilities towards the state have increased. He said, "The title is not only for jobs, it has increased the responsibility towards the nation. The nation has invested heavily in education. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Therefore, we have to fulfill our responsibility toward the country. ”

He said that the provision of education as a fundamental right in the constitution of Nepal is showing results. He said that quality education was necessary as education was very important. Remembering that human beings who have been trafficked from Nepal have been rescued, he clarified that everyone needs education and awareness.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Education, Science, and Technology Devendra Poudel said that the role of the university was important in the development and prosperity of the country as education was the gateway to state-building.

Stating that the government aims to make the country prosperous by 2030, he said that the role of the university would be important as education was important for this. He said that the government was in the process of restructuring education. He informed that efforts have been made to improve legal, physical, and teaching-learning for the betterment of the education sector.

"Access to technical education has been extended to all local levels," he said. "Universities will be enabled for medical education in all seven states." The program has been extended to 140 schools by earning money by combining skills with employment. ”

Speaking on the occasion, Vice-Chancellor Prada Nanda Bahadur Singh said that the work of restructuring and technology development of the university is moving ahead to develop the university as a higher educational institution with an excellent identity in the global environment as per the objective of providing accessible, quality and practical higher education.

He said that the curriculum has been developed and implemented to make higher education more practical and timely. He said that the university was committed to making higher education productive by combining it with national knowledge, skills, and practicality and to make quality and practical education accessible to the general public.