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Ministry of Education Bulletin 2079 Bhadra 1

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Ministry of Education

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Education and Human Resource Development Center 2079/080 Issue-2 School Education Activity-56 (Episode 261)

Urgent notice of Education and Human Resource Development Center Sanothimi, Bhaktapur regarding submission of proposals for the Studying and Earning Program under the President Educational Reform Programme:

This notification has been published to request that ordinary and technical community schools who wish to operate the program under the President's Educational Reform Program by Studying and Earning must submit a proposal within 15 days from the date of publication of the program in accordance with Schedule 1 of the procedure. Schools should fulfill the following criteria.

(a) Completing the minimum number of students determined according to the prevailing law for conducting the program.

(b) The concerned local level has given a letter of commitment to share the cost.

(c) Having land and other infrastructure as per schedule 1 of the procedures required for the proposed program.

(d) Proposed programs for the production of goods and services in accordance with the local climate and geographical conditions. The schools should submit proposals to the relevant local level within the date 2079-5-15.

The local level should prioritize the received proposals and submit them to the Education Development and Coordination Unit within the date 2079-5-20. The relevant Education Development and Coordination Units should evaluate them according to schedule 2 of the procedure and prioritize the proposals based on that and send them to this center within 2079 Bhadra end. For detailed information related to this, you can see the Earnings Program Operating Procedures, 2078 on the CEHRD's website and the Ministry's website

It is a request for all concerned to submit a formal proposal only to those schools that have studied all the conditions mentioned in the procedure and have completed all the bases and are able to work according to the conditions. There is also a request for information on how proposals that are not submitted within time cannot be included in the selection process.

Notice of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology regarding the celebration of the fifteenth Library Day, 2079:

Library Day has been celebrated in Nepal every year since Bhadra 15, 2065 with the main objective of arousing interest in library use, developing study culture and creating an environment for building a society based on information and knowledge, developing the habit of using libraries in various teaching and learning related activities. According to the decision of 2079 Shrawan 18, the main ceremony committee has been formed under the chairmanship of the secretary to celebrate the fifteenth library day.

On this occasion, 77 education development and coordination units through the Ministry of Social Development of the provinces, Ministry of Social Development of the Province, Education, and Human Resource Development Center, 753 local bodies through the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Rural Municipality Federation of Nepal, Nepal Municipality Association and the development of libraries and It have been decided to celebrate various programs in all non-governmental associations and organizations involved in the expansion.

In addition, taking into account the fact that the number of people affected by Covid-19 is gradually increasing, it has been decided to organize programs in small groups and organize programs that can be edited through online/virtual means and organize social distancing and safety arrangements. It is requested to organize various programs based on the information.

The motto for the day is "Read, study, go to the library for continuous education".

Notice for in-service training:

According to the approved annual program of the year 2079/080, one-month in-service (educational administration) training for Nepal Education Service gazetted second and third grade officers is to be conducted during the first and second quarter of this program. This notice is also uploaded on for the information of all concerned to be sent to branch or email [email protected]

Information on broadcasting educational radio programs:

It would like to inform you that the educational radio program, which is useful for teachers, students, parents, educators and educational stakeholders, is being broadcast on Radio Nepal every Tuesday and Saturday from 7:30 pm to 15 minutes. Since the educational radio program is broadcast in this way, we sincerely request all concerned to listen to it regularly.

Every Tuesday, educational information and information, news activities from center to school, seminars and interviews on current issues, educational policy, plan, work schedule, law/rules, guidelines, procedures and work framework information and work progress details, writing articles and school education. Programs such as on-the-spot radio reports covering good practice and educational dramas and discussions are being broadcast.

Similarly, on Saturdays of every week, plays and discussions based on educational themes, short plays, social and cultural festivals, special day plays/discussions, contemporary talks and awareness messages, etc. are being broadcast.

Programs broadcast from this center can be heard on the center's Facebook page at You can also email us if you have any questions or comments regarding the program. Our email address is [email protected] and we are looking forward to your creative input to make this program more effective.

About submitting a proposal for "One Educational Institution One Enterprise Program" of Youth Council.

Community secondary schools willing to establish an enterprise in the school, according to the approved annual program of the National Youth Council in the current year, public secondary schools willing to conduct "one teaching institution one enterprise program" in accordance with the First Amendment Framework, 2079 It is requested to submit the application in the attached format along with the documents of commercial project proposal details within 30 days from the date of publication.

For detailed information, see the Council's website and phone no. 9861999301 can be contacted during office hours.


1) Local level recommendation with a commitment to support enterprise operation in schools.

2) A decision with a managed commitment to establish an enterprise in the school. 3) A copy of the decision on the establishment of Entrepreneurial Student Club and the commitment to undertake entrepreneurship and the details of the officers.

4) Proof of establishment of enterprise fund in banks and financial institutions.

5) A copy of the decision on the formation of the alumni forum with a commitment to support the enterprise in the school and the details of the officials.


1) 8 schools will be selected, one from each province and one from the Union, based on the basis of the prescribed assessment and the on-site inspection of the school.

2) Lump sum grant will be provided as seed capital to selected schools.

3) Special priority will be given to community secondary schools that have established enterprises through their own efforts and run productive enterprises.

4) In the past years, an educational institution, an enterprise program from the union, state and local levels, and the schools that have been selected for model development from the education and human resource development center will not be included in this program. Self-declaration of non-participation in the program will be required.

5) An Educational Institution An Enterprise Program Implementation 2079 (First Amendment) Framework, available at [email protected]

6) Proposals can also be sent from Council's e-mail address. No action will be taken on overdue proposals.

In connection with the celebration of the 56th International Literacy Day

Education Development and Coordination Unit, All

Local level, all

On the 56th International Literacy Day, 2079 Bhadra 23 (September 8, 2022) with the slogan ``Transforming literacy learning spaces,'' community/institutional schools, community learning centers, non-formal and informal learning centers at the district and local levels in compliance with health standards. According to the decision, it is requested to conduct various creative and competitive programs in coordination and cooperation with adult schools, campuses, various associations/organizations, journalists, civil society, parents, student associations/organizations, and political parties.


Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Singhadurbar, Kathmandu

Estd. 1951