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Ministry of Education Notice for Community School Staff (2080 Poush 1)

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Ministry of Education Notice for Community School Staff (2080 Poush 1)

The notice from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MoEST) of Nepal addresses the management of employees working in public schools and outlines several key directives:

  1. Appointment of Community School Employees: The Ministry requests adherence to the provisions for the appointment of community school employees as outlined in sub-rules (1), (2), and (3) of rule 144 b of the Education Regulations 2059. These sub-rules likely detail specific criteria and procedures for such appointments.

  2. Local Government Authority in Staff Management: By Section 11 of the Local Government Operation Act, 2074, and particularly subsection Clause (11) of (2H), there is a directive for local rural municipalities and municipalities to align the posts of teachers and staff of community schools. This is in line with the institutional role and procedures for the public school adjustment and integration program, as specified in paragraph 4 of 2077, Item no. 12. This provision emphasizes local-level decision-making in managing school staff.

  3. Management of Adjusted School Staff: Following the Ministerial decision dated 2078/12/20, all education development and coordination units are advised to manage the adjusted school staff as per the directive numbered Ch.No. 243, dated 2078/12/22. This directive seems to relate to the allocation and management of staff who have been adjusted, possibly due to restructuring or other administrative changes within the education system.

Overall, the notice emphasizes adherence to existing regulations and laws, the role of local government bodies in staff management, and the implementation of ministerial decisions regarding the adjustment and management of school staff. This indicates a structured approach to managing educational personnel, ensuring compliance with legal frameworks and local administrative autonomy.

Published on 2080-09-01


Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Singhadurbar, Kathmandu

Estd. 1951



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