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Ministry of Health and Population Notice for Level Promotion

News 14 Jun 2022 211 0

Ministry of Health and Population

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population: As per the provision of upgrading in the month of Ashad and Poush every year as per Nepal Health Service Regulations, 2055, the qualified employees of Nepal Health Service up to the 6th level are requested to submit the following documents along with the application form to the administration branch of this department.

1) Initial appointment letter

2) The letter if the level has been raised

3) Letter if seniority has been amended

4) Till now, transfer, attendance, Ramana letters

5) Council Update Certificate

6) Clearly understandable copy of PIS print

7) Letter of recommendation from the concerned office

8) Certificate of Remote Service as per Nepal Health Service Regulations 2055

9) Service period, study extraordinary leave, late cut and recommendation letter from the working office without departmental action

10) Performance appraisal of the last two financial years

11) Open letter if adjustment has been made

12) Employee name, code number, post, working office and contact number must be mentioned in the file to be submitted.

13) To disclose other necessary details