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More than One Lakh NOC Issued in Last 11 Months for Abroad Studies

News 22 Nov 2022 130 0

Ministry of Education

In the last 11 months, 102,873 people have received a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Ministry of Education to pursue higher education abroad.

According to the NOC branch under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, 5 thousand 626 people took NOC in the month of October. According to NOC Branch Head Vasudev Vasti, 6,662 people have taken NOC for 41 countries.

According to the branch, there are more students who take NOC for studying subjects taught in Nepal. Nepali students go abroad in search of opportunities because they can earn financial income by studying abroad. "Accounting, Dental, Medical, Engineering, Economics, Social, Health Education, Biology, Chemistry, Animal Science, Finance, Hospitality, etc., which are studied in our university, students are taking NOC in many subjects," Branch Head Vasti told the Citizen. In addition, the attractiveness of the youth has increased because there is also income.'

Nepal's oldest and largest Tribhuvan University (TU) has been under lockdown for 300 days in the last three years. It is still under lockdown. This is increasing negative thinking among Nepali students towards TU. Because of this, many students are forced to go abroad for higher education.

For two years, various countries have banned foreign students due to Corona. But currently, the Corona havoc is becoming common and on the other hand, due to the daily strike in the native universities, there is also a growing frustration among the students, which has led to a situation where Nepali students have to go abroad for higher education, says Zina Shrestha of Bhaktapur.

On the other hand, after the Corona disaster became common, various countries have also relaxed the visa process for international students. As a result, the attraction of Nepali students to foreign universities has increased. Apart from studying abroad, Nepali students go abroad because of the good employment opportunities and the certificates of educational qualifications they have obtained are easily sold in the world market.

According to the major population, currently the top choice countries for students are Australia, Japan, USA, Canada, UK and Korea. Most of them go to Australia. However, the number of people going to Canada has increased dramatically in the month of August. The number of students going to Canada in October alone is 1,458.

In the same period, 853 NOCs have been approved for Australia, 52 for America, 363 for Denmark and 478 for Japan.