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Nepal Army New Salary Scale from 2079 Shrawan 1

News 15 Aug 2022 53652 0

Nepal Army Notice

Nepal Army New Salary Scale Effective from 2079 Shrawan 1: The government had announced to increase in the salary of government employees by 15 percent in the budget of the current financial year.

According to which the new salary of government employees has been fixed. The new salary structure prepared by the Ministry of Finance has been approved by the Council of Ministers.

Along with the civil servants, the salaries of security agency employees have also increased.

The salary of Maharathi (Commander-in-Chief), the highest level of the Nepal Army, which is the main security agency, is the same as that of the Chief Secretary of the Government of Nepal.

The salary of the Nepal army chief is 77211 rupees. The lowest salary in the army is the salary of the lowest level employee (followers first level) (with 2nd grade) is 21480.

Nepal Army

Nepal Army

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