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Nepal Army Postponed Recruitment Process of Sainya and Cadet Officer

News 06 Dec 2022 1980 0

Nepal Army Notice

Nepal Army Postponed Recruitment Process of Sainya and Cadet Officer: Since an interim order has been issued by the Honorable Supreme Court regarding the writ petition of Tharu Karyakarini Sabha's Central General Minister Premilal Prasad Chowdhury regarding the recruitment process being conducted to fill the vacancies of the Nepal Army in the Fiscal Year 079/80.

The Recruitment process of Sainya Post as per advertisement no.079/80/01 published in Gorkhapatra dated 2079/05/24 and SN64 authorized cadet/SN4 graduate authorized cadet post as per advertisement no.079/80/02 published on 2079/05/31 This notice has been published for everyone's information as it has been postponed for the time being.

Also, another notice will be published and informed at least one week in advance regarding the re-conduct of the examinations for the mentioned military and officer cadet posts and the new contact date for the military posts.

This notification can also be seen in the Exams Notices in the official portal of the Directorate of Recruitment Selection If you need to get more information in this regard, you can contact the telephone number of the Recruitment Selection Directorate at 01-4246950 during office hours.

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