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Nepali Players in Tokyo Olympics 2021

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Nepali Players in Olympics 2021

Nepali Players in Olympics 2021: Nepal is also participating in the Tokyo Olympics. This time five athletes represent Nepal in the Olympics. For Nepal, Gaurika Singh and Alexander Shah of Swimming, Saraswati Chaudhary of Athletics, Kalpana Pariyar of Shooting, and Suniya Bhatt of Judo will play in Tokyo. In March Past, the flag of Nepal was carried by Gaurika and Alexander.

Nepal has not come close to a medal in the Olympics so far. However, there are some notable moments of Nepal in the Olympics. Nepal first participated in the 18th Olympics held in 1964 in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Nepal's Bhupendra Bahadur KC and Ganga Bahadur Thapa (marathon), Nam Singh Thapa, Om Prasad Pun, Ram Prasad Gurung, and Bhim Bahadur Thapa (boxing) competed in that historic event.

Although the Tokyo Olympics were officially Nepal's first Olympics; Nepal had participated as an observer in the 15th Olympics held in 1952 in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Nepal did not participate in the 19th Olympics held in 1968 in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. Since then, Nepal has consistently participated in the Olympics.

In 1988, at the Seoul Olympics in South Korea, Nepal was special in sports. Nepal's Vidhan Lama won a bronze medal in Taekwondo included in the Seoul Olympics. His game raised the flag of Nepal along with the national anthem in the Olympics. But due to the lack of an official game, the success of the Legislature did not bring Nepal to the medal table.

At the 2004 Athens Olympics, Nepali taekwondo player Sangina Vaidya became the first Nepali athlete to cross the selection stage and play in the Olympics. In 2008, Deepak Bista of Taekwondo also reached the Beijing Olympics after winning the qualifying round.

The 32nd Summer Tokyo Olympics officially kicked off on Friday. The Tokyo Olympics have been officially launched amid a special event in the Japanese capital, Tokyo. More than 11,000 players from 205 countries marched in the opening ceremony. Various programs reflecting Japan's culture, traditions, customs, economy and prosperity were presented in the program.

Hashimoto Seko, chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, said he was pleased to be able to host the Olympics in a grand and dignified manner, which has come close to being postponed in Olympic history. "It simply came to our notice then. But, for the first time in history, we even came close to a postponement, ”he said. With the inauguration, the hopes, beliefs and dreams of thousands will come true. '

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach said the Olympics were a symbol of hope and trust for all despite the challenges. "Today is a day of hope. We are all celebrating the inauguration in a different situation than we imagined. However, we are all happy ', he said,' We all have to work together to make this happiness even more special. Because it is the integrated power of sports. It is also a message of unity. It will give us all hope for the journey ahead. "

Swimmers Gaurika Singh and Alexander Shah carried Nepal's flag during the march past the inaugural session of the Tokyo Olympics. Along with them, judo player Sonia Bhatt and shooting player Kalpana Pariyar participated in the march past. Athletics player Saraswati Chaudhary will leave for Japan only on Sunday. She is busy preparing in Nepal.

Member Secretary of the National Sports Council Ramesh Kumar Silwal is in the Safe the Mission of the Nepali team. Board members Subash Shrestha and Sampanna Shrestha are also participating in the Tokyo Olympics.

Likewise, Chairman Jeevan Ram Shrestha, Vice Chairman and Executive Director Chaturananda Rajvaidya, Vice-Chairman Sunil Kumar Shrestha, General Secretary Narendra Raj Shrestha, Joint General Secretary Pitamber Timsina, Secretary Tulsa Thapa, and members Prakash Shamsher Rana and Ram Awale have also arrived in Japan from the Olympic Committee. Similarly, Secretary at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Kedar Neupane, Dr. Navisma Singh Pradhan from the medical side, Prem Baral from the Nepali Embassy, and volunteer Rupesh Dangol have also represented the Nepali team in the Tokyo Olympics.

Sunil Kumar Shrestha, vice-chairman of the Olympic Committee and president of the Nepal Fencing Association, will participate in the Tokyo Olympics as the shooting manager. Pitamber has been given the responsibility of managing the athletics. Tulsa Thapa, president of the Kabaddi Association, who is also a federal MP, and Prakash Shamsher Rana, president of the Taekwondo Association, are touring Tokyo to become judo managers. None of the officials from the swimming, athletics, shooting, and judo federations participating in the Tokyo Olympics have been included in the team.

He has been replaced by Olympic Committee officials who have arrived in Japan as managers. Shiva Koirala, vice-president of the National Sports Council, and Tej Gurung, vice-president of the Nepal Olympic Committee, had decided not to go to Japan after the news broke that the 30-member Nepali team, including five athletes, had cut its ticket to Japan. Five athletes from Nepal are competing in the Tokyo Olympics. Kalpana Pariyar of shooting, Gaurika Singh and Alex Shah of swimming and Saraswati Chaudhary of athletics and Sonia Bhatt of judo are playing in Tokyo Olympics. Swimming and athletics athletes will compete in the Olympics in the mandatory quota, while Sonia and Kalpana have received wild cards.

Judo player Sonia Bhatt will compete against Russian Dolgova Irina in the first round at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday.