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New Academic Session to Start in Jumla District from April / May

News 03 Mar 2023 691 0

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Ministry of Education's Decision to Implement Academic Session in All Districts:

The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has decided to start the academic session from April/May in all 77 districts, including Jumla. The decision was made on January 20, 2023, and will be implemented from this year.

Circular from Directorate of Education Development:

Makkar Bhandari, Head of Education Coordination Unit Jumla, informed that the Directorate of Education Development has issued a circular on January 29, 2023, to prepare for the new academic session in Jumla.

Heads of Education Branches Agree on the Decision:

On March 1, 2023, a meeting was held among the heads of education branches of all 8 local levels in Jumla district, and they unanimously agreed to conduct the new academic session from April/May. Previously, the new academic session used to start from February in the Himalayan districts, including Jumla.

Change in Academic Schedule in Himalayan Districts:

Mountain districts have traditionally given holidays from December 25 to February 8, and started the new academic session soon after. However, from 2023, the new academic session will start in April/May in Himalayan districts, including Jumla.

The decision to start the academic session from April/May in Jumla district will bring about several changes in the academic calendar. Students, parents, and teachers should prepare accordingly.