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Province 2 Agriculture University, Rajbiraj, Saptari Inaugurated

News 14 Dec 2021 2457 0

Province 2 Agriculture University, Rajbiraj, Saptari Inaugurated

Chairman of Janata Samajwadi Party Nepal Upendra Yadav has inaugurated the office of Province 2 Agriculture University at Saptari district headquarters Rajbiraj.

He pointed out the need for modernization of agriculture along with production of skilled manpower as most of the people are dependent on agriculture. Similarly, inaugurating the office of Province 2 Agriculture University, he said that the establishment of the university would help in producing skilled manpower in the agricultural sector.

He said that the land management would be started immediately as the province government has already allocated budget for the university. Stating that agricultural education is important not only in Nepal but also in many countries including China, he mentioned that the importance of agriculture is increasing in the world as there are many dimensions besides agricultural paddy and wheat. Pointing out that the development work should be done not only by the government but also by the citizens, he said, "Since the citizens of Province 2 are dependent on agriculture, it is necessary to have some skill in hand." He clarified that modernization of the agricultural sector and land management has eliminated the problem of poverty and unemployment and production of skilled manpower is the main goal of the university.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister of Province 2 Lal Babu Raut, who was also the Chancellor of the Agriculture University, said that the development of the province and the country could not take place unless efficient manpower was produced. He informed that the provincial government is going to form a board related to technical education as unskilled manpower is going for foreign employment.

Stating that the province government has been emphasizing on technical education, he expressed his commitment to make the province self-reliant and employment oriented by producing skilled manpower.

Speaking on the occasion, Finance Minister of the province Shailendra Prasad Sah said that there would be no shortage of budget for the university and expressed his commitment to make every effort for the operation of the university. . The Province 2 government had on Tuesday appointed Dr. Baidyanath Mahato, a former member of the Policy and Planning Commission of Province 2, as the Vice-Chancellor for the establishment and operation of the Agriculture University.

Province 2 The government has sent two bills related to the Agriculture University and the Technical University to the Provincial Assembly Secretariat.

While the meeting of the Provincial Assembly has been postponed for a long time, the Province Government had brought a law through an ordinance regarding the operation of Agricultural University in Rajbiraj of Saptari and Technical University in Birgunj. The provincial government has sent the law to the secretariat of the province assembly on Monday as the meeting of the province assembly is scheduled to be held on December 15. The government has sent the ordinance to the secretariat as there is a provision to table the ordinance in the first sitting of the provincial assembly after the law is brought through the ordinance.

If the law brought through the ordinance is passed by the Provincial Assembly, the law will remain in force for only six months. In order for the government to implement the law in the long run, there is a provision that the replacement bill has to be passed by the Provincial Assembly.

Similarly, if the bill brought by the provincial government is not passed by the assembly, the law will be automatically repealed within seven days, said Ranjit Yadav, secretary of the provincial assembly secretariat.

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