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Security Measures During Balachaturdashi Festival in Kathmandu

News 07 Dec 2023 374 0

Ministry of Home Affairs Notice

Security Measures During Balachaturdashi Festival in Kathmandu

The District Administration Office of Kathmandu, under the Government of Nepal's Ministry of Home Affairs, has issued critical guidelines for the upcoming Balachaturdashi Festival (Shatvijaropan Festival) 2080. This significant religious and cultural event, celebrated with reverence and sanctity, particularly in the sacred Pashupat area of Lord Shri Pashupatinath, requires specific safety and sanctity measures.

Key Restrictions for Balachaturdashi Festival 2080

  • Prohibition of Meat and Alcohol: In line with the Local Administration Act, of 2028, the consumption, production, sale, distribution, and storage of meat, alcohol, and narcotic substances within specified areas of the festival are strictly forbidden. This measure is effective from Mangsir 21st, 2080 to Mangsir 27th, 2080.

  • Legal Consequences: Individuals found violating these prohibitions will face legal actions as per the prevailing laws. The emphasis is on maintaining the religious and cultural dignity of the festival.

Designated Prohibited Areas

  • The restriction zone encompasses the east of Gaushala Mitrapark road, the eastern border of the Pashupati area to the west, north of the Gaushala Tilganga ring road, and the south region stretching from Mitrapark-Umakunda-Gaurighat to Guhyeshwari.

Importance of Compliance

The enforcement of these restrictions is crucial for preserving the sanctity of the Balachaturdashi Festival. Participants and visitors are urged to respect these guidelines to ensure a peaceful and respectful celebration.

Notification Date

The notice regarding these restrictions was officially published on 2080/08/21.

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