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SEE Exam scheduled to be conducted in Baishakh 2078

News 23 Jan 2022 3104 0

NEB-National Examination Board

This year's Secondary Education Examination (SEE) is scheduled to be conducted in Baishakh. Students, teachers, and parents are in a dilemma as to whether the SEE should be scrapped as the examination schedule has not been made public till the first week of Magha and the Education and Health Committee under the Legislature-Parliament has decided to repeal the SEE. The National Examination Board has clarified that the examination will be conducted.

NEB President Dr. Mahashram Sharma informed that the examination will be conducted in early Baishakh and the examination schedule will be made public in a few days. He said, "There is no need to be in a dilemma regarding the subject of the examination. The examination is held. Students start preparing for the exam from now on. ”

He said that even if the examination is conducted in Baishakh, the results will be published without any impact on the new academic session calendar of class 11. As the Teachers Service Commission will start conducting written examinations for the post of permanent teacher in the coming Chait, there is a problem in conducting SEE in that month.

"Teachers' exams may have a general effect, but more than that, there are complaints that students have not completed their studies. The exams are being conducted in Baishakh," he said. They have not had enough time to complete the course as the study has been running well since Bhadra.”

In the past, it was customary to make the examination schedule public in Mangsir, while the examination was conducted in Chait. The board has not had to conduct examinations in the last two years due to Covid-19. The certificate was provided to the student on the basis of the evaluation done by the school. The question papers of SEE of 2076 BS were burnt due to the non-conduct of the examination and the question papers of SEE of 2077 BS are still kept safe in the Examination Control Office (Sanothimi) under the Board. Although last year's question paper was reserved for re-use this time, no decision has been made yet.

Chairman Dr. Sharma said that there is enough time to prepare the question papers for SEE and if there is a situation of non-fulfillment, there will be no problem in preparing the question papers as they have a question paper bank. "As time goes on, new prints can be made," he said.

The National Examination Board had sent question papers via email in the last annual examination of class 12. Question papers were sent from Sanothimi only in some schools without internet and printer facilities. Arrangement was made for the school to print and distribute the question papers sent by email one hour before the commencement of the examination. He said that by using such method, the huge cost of printing SEE question papers could be saved.

The provision regarding school structure in Nepal Provinces that the annual examination of class 10 will be conducted at the Province level. Despite the opinion of the Education and Health Committee of the Parliament that the SEE should be scrapped, the education body has strongly disagreed with it. Dr. Sharma, Chairman of the Board, said that examinations are necessary for learning and assessment and that the examinations should be of high quality. This will be according to the spirit of federalism. For that, we can provide a question paper bank to the Province. ”

He informed that the class 12 examination will be conducted in the coming Jestha. The class 11 examination will be conducted by the school itself.


NEB - National Examinations Board

Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

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