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Students in Darchula Receive Textbooks along with Admission this Academic Session

News 19 Apr 2023 264 0

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Students in Darchula Receive Textbooks along with Admission this Academic Session

In the previous academic session, many students in Darchula district had to wait for a long time to receive their textbooks, which had affected their learning. However, this year, the situation has improved as students have received their textbooks along with admission to the school.

According to Ramsingh Dhami, the acting principal of Malikarjun Secondary School Milmili, students used to complain about the delayed availability of textbooks. But this year, the school was able to distribute textbooks to 150 enrolled students on the first day of school, which has increased the enthusiasm of the students towards learning.

Sharda Dhami, the principal of Shailyashikhar Basic School, also mentioned that the number of student enrollments has increased since the books will be distributed along with the admissions. This initiative has made it easier for students to start learning from the first day of the academic session.

Jayaraj Pant, the Head of Education Development and Coordination Unit, Darchula, informed that all schools in the district have received textbooks on time this year. This has addressed the problem of non-availability of textbooks until the end of the academic session, which had impacted the education of many students.

Nisha Dhami, a student at Malikarjun Secondary School Milmili, expressed her happiness at having a textbook to read at the beginning of the academic session. The timely distribution of textbooks has relieved the stress of students, parents, and teachers who had to worry about the availability of textbooks throughout the academic year.

Overall, the distribution of textbooks at the beginning of the academic session in Darchula district has brought a positive change in the education system. Students can now focus on learning and developing their skills without worrying about the unavailability of textbooks.