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Students of Sindhupalchowk Vaccinated Against Corona

News 27 Dec 2021 1136 0

Covid-19 Vaccination

Students of Sindhupalchowk, aged 12-17, have been vaccinated against corona. Students are enthusiastically vaccinated.

Senior Public Health Officer at the Health Office, Durgadatta Chapagain, said that 28,525 students studying in various secondary schools in Sindhupalchowk are being vaccinated. Public Health Officer Chapagain said that 81.7 percent of the students have been vaccinated in the first phase.

Parents are also happy after the students started getting vaccinated. Vaccination has been started for the students of 12 local level groups.

Sangdorje Lama, Principal of Ganesh Secondary School, Sunkoshi Rural Municipality-4, Yamunadanda said "Covid-19 scare has been removed from the students after they were vaccinated against corona."

He said that despite the vaccination, high vigilance was maintained against Corona. Student Vikas Mijar, who is studying in the school, expressed happiness that he started coming to the school with confidence after getting vaccinated.

According to the Health Office, Sindhupalchok, the students who have been vaccinated with the first dose will be vaccinated with the second dose after 28 days. There are about 600 schools in Sindhupalchowk.