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The British College Hold The First ‘TBC Marketplace’

News 22 Jul 2022 1699 0

The British College Hold The First TBC Marketplace

On the 22nd July, The British College held their first annual “TBC Marketplace” event. Designed as a part of the Level 3 BBA curriculum, first year students created 18 stalls, all selling different products from local businesses. 

Taking place on the ground floor of the Trade Tower Building, Thapathali, students were tasked with approaching the businesses, gaining sponsorship, designing the branding, and selling the products. They were assessed throughout the event and the practical assignment contributed to 40% of their overall grade. 

Saurav Satyal, Head of the BBA programme, said of the Marketplace, “At TBC we encourage students to get real-world exposure through practical learning and academia - and this event is a great example of that. It’s an opportunity for the students to get their hands dirty and put their studies into practice”.

The stalls were open from 8:30 am - 4 pm and ranged from hot food to desserts, jewelry, art, cosmetics, and phone accessories. Everyone was welcome, both from inside and outside of the College, and in total the event attracted over 1500 people.

Amardeep Mandal, Head of Marketing, commented that “It’s great to see first-year students receiving this much exposure so early on in their studies. The TBC Marketplace has been an enormous success and we look forward to many more exciting events to come in the future”. 

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