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The Evolving Role of Public Campuses in Nepal's Education Landscape

News 11 Jul 2023 933 0

33rd-anniversary ceremony of the Nepal Public Campus Association

The Evolving Role of Public Campuses in Nepal's Education Landscape

Public campuses in Nepal are playing an increasingly significant role in the country's educational landscape, according to Finance Minister Dr. Prakasharan Mahat. His address at the 33rd-anniversary ceremony of the Nepal Public Campus Association was an affirmation of the rising importance of these public institutions.

Expanding Public Campuses Across Nepal

Dr. Mahat acknowledged that the growing network of public campuses across the nation has reduced the financial burden borne by individual Tribhuvan University campuses. He attributed this to the community's active involvement in managing campus expenses, which has effectively lightened the financial load of class groups attending public campuses.

Public campuses are witnessing a surge in numbers, spreading education to the farthest corners of the country. Recognizing the challenges in resource allocation in less developed areas, the government provides subsidies to these campuses, ensuring continued educational accessibility for everyone, regardless of location.

Challenges in Student Retention

Despite the progress in public education, retaining students remains a significant challenge for all institutions, including Tribhuvan University, public, and private campuses. The prevalent culture of studying abroad is a trend that Dr. Mahat believes needs reevaluation. He asserts, "Going abroad for education doesn't necessarily mean the circumstances will always favor students. Financial responsibility is rising, and there are no guarantees of superiority in all aspects."

Dr. Mahat recounted his personal journey, connecting the pursuit of foreign education with the freedom it symbolizes. However, he also acknowledged the risks and constraints associated with it, using his personal experience as an example.

Belief in Potential and State's Role

The Finance Minister reiterated the state's commitment to helping every individual realize their full potential. "We strongly believe in the notion that individuals should be allowed to exploit their abilities, qualifications, talents, creativity, and potential to the fullest," said Dr. Mahat. The government is firm in its stance to facilitate this realization of potential, rather than hinder it.

Through continued emphasis on community involvement, government support, and recognizing potential, public campuses are expected to play an even more pivotal role in Nepal's education sector in the coming years.

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