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The Struggle for Basic Education in Bhojpur's Mothetar Kumal Settlement

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The Struggle for Basic Education in Bhojpur's Mothetar Kumal Settlement

Bhojpur's Mothetar Kumal settlement, located on the banks of the Arun River in Ward No. 6 of Shadanand Municipality, is facing significant challenges in accessing basic education and other essential services. Despite the government's emphasis on health, education, housing, and drinking water as fundamental needs, the residents of this settlement have been deprived of these necessities.

The Education Crisis in Mothetar Kumal Settlement:

  • Approximately 35 households in the settlement are struggling to access basic services, particularly education and healthcare.
  • Due to poverty and geographical difficulties, most children from the Kumal community are unable to receive an education.
  • While there is a local school, named Jan Chetna Basic School, children mostly study up to the 3rd grade, and very few continue their education beyond that.
  • Lack of higher education opportunities in the settlement forces children to travel to Tumlingtar of Sankhuwasabha, which is challenging due to the absence of a bridge over the Arun River.
  • Many children drop out of school as they have to travel to Arun Secondary School and Sankhuwasabha District, resulting in extended travel times and decreased motivation to continue their education.
  • The absence of a bridge on the Arun River poses a significant obstacle for the locals, who have to risk crossing the river in boats during winter when the ferry service operates.

Barriers to Education in Mothetar Kumal Settlement:

  • Illiteracy and poverty are the primary reasons children in the settlement face difficulties in accessing education.
  • Parents, who themselves are illiterate, are reluctant to send their children to school, opting to involve them in their own professions as they grow older.
  • Limited access to basic health services is another challenge, with residents having to travel to Dingla and Sankhuwasabha for medical assistance.
  • The weak local economy, predominantly reliant on pottery making, suffers from transportation difficulties, making it hard to sell the crafted products in the market.

Efforts to Address the Situation:

  • Suman Vishunke, the Ward President of Shadanand Municipality Ward No. 6, is actively working to raise awareness about the importance of education in the Kumal community and striving to provide basic facilities.
  • The municipality is implementing a planned approach to resolve the issues in Kumal Basti and ensure that citizens' basic needs are met.
  • Initiatives are underway to tackle poverty and geographical hardships faced by the community through targeted programs and support.
  • Pramila Rai, the Deputy Head of the city, plans to organize programs in the future specifically aimed at addressing the challenges faced by impoverished individuals and those living in geographically challenging areas.

The Mothetar Kumal settlement in Bhojpur is grappling with significant obstacles in accessing basic education. Poverty, illiteracy, and the lack of infrastructure, such as a bridge over the Arun River, hinder children's ability to receive an education beyond the primary level. Efforts from local authorities and community leaders are underway to create awareness and improve the situation by providing essential facilities and support to the residents. By addressing these challenges, it is hoped that the children of the Mothetar Kumal settlement will have increased access to education and a brighter future.

Published on 2023 June 2