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Tribhuvan University Central Library Open 24/7

News 26 Nov 2023 535 0

TU Central Library

Tribhuvan University Central Library: A Hub for Round-the-Clock Learning

The Tribhuvan University Central Library, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and student support, has taken a significant step forward by extending its operating hours to 24/7. This pivotal move, designed to accommodate diverse student schedules and foster a strong reading culture, has positioned the library as a leading educational resource in the region.

With affordable membership options and a vast collection of 440,000 national and international books available for home borrowing and online access, the library caters to the needs of over seven hundred daily visitors. The introduction of round-the-clock study rooms particularly addresses the needs of night-time learners and working students, offering a quiet, conducive environment for focused study.

The library’s planned relocation to a state-of-the-art, handicap-friendly building further underscores its dedication to providing accessible, top-notch educational facilities. This initiative not only enhances the learning experience for Tribhuvan University students but also sets a new benchmark in library services, making it a model for academic institutions globally.

Extended Operational Hours for Enhanced Learning

  • Round-the-Clock Access: The library now operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, accommodating different student schedules and lifestyles.
  • Study Rooms Availability: Three dedicated study rooms are now open throughout the day and night, catering to the needs of students who prefer late-night study sessions.

Addressing Student Needs and Demands

  • Flexible Reading Hours: Sagarraj Subedi, the acting head of the library, highlights the convenience provided to students who are unable to visit during conventional hours.
  • Night Time Usage Insights: Library Officer Vijay Sharma notes a consistent nightly attendance of 15 to 20 people, including researchers and working professionals.

Membership and Accessibility

  • Affordable Membership Options: The library offers one-year membership for one thousand and six-month membership for six hundred, enabling wider community access.
  • Focus on Concentration: Sharma observes that night-time students often seek a quiet environment for focused study, a need not met in their home settings.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Facility Challenges for Night Students: Issues like city lights, bus services, and lunch canteen availability have been identified for students studying at night.
  • Extended Main Building Hours: The library's main building now operates from 5 am to 7 pm, compared to the previous 10 am to 5 pm schedule.

Cultural Shift towards Reading

  • Library Expansion and Culture: Siddhant Bhatt from Swaviyu Secretary emphasizes the initiative's role in cultivating a reading culture among university students.
  • Resource Availability: The library boasts a collection of 440,000 national and international books, available for home borrowing and online access, attracting over seven hundred students daily.

Future Developments

  • Relocation to a New Building: The library is set to move to a new, handicap-friendly four-and-a-half-story building next month, designed to accommodate two thousand students simultaneously.

This progressive move by Tribhuvan University Central Library not only demonstrates a commitment to academic excellence but also sets a new standard in library services, aligning with the evolving needs of modern learners and researchers.

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