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Tribhuvan University Master of Arts (MA) Thesis Guidelines

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Tribhuvan University Master of Arts (MA) Thesis Guidelines

Institution: Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dean's Office, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal.


  • All Campus Heads
  • Department Heads
  • Program Coordinators
  • All Concerned and Affiliated Campuses
  • Central Departments
  • Post Graduate Programs

Purpose: To convey the decisions made regarding the master's degree thesis.

Key Decisions & Guidelines:

  1. Thesis Examination Form:

    • Include the research paper in the fourth semester examination form.
    • Research should commence alongside the academic readings of that semester.
  2. Viva Examination:

    • Conduct post the completion of the 4th semester's final examination.
    • Result to be communicated to the Dean's office within a month post viva date.
  3. Student Regularity & Examination Form:

    • To be regarded as regular, students should complete their viva within 90 days post the 4th semester result announcement.
    • If not completed within the stipulated time, students should re-fill the examination form as partial students for dissertation purposes.
  4. Research Paper Format:

    • For papers written in the Nepali language, include:
      • Student's name
      • Topic
      • Research title (in Roman script)
      • Submission date (in AD)
      • Viva date
  5. Dissertation Parameters:

    • Minimum length: 60 pages excluding references.
    • Structure should include:
      • Introduction
      • Review of Literature
      • Research Methodology
      • Presentation and Analysis
      • Summary, Findings, and Conclusion
      • References
      • Appendix
  6. Examiners & Research Directors:

    • External examiners should be permanent teachers from a department other than the student's.
    • To qualify as a research director, one should have at least one year of post-graduate teaching experience.
  7. Scoring & Aadhaar Conditions:

    • If scoring above 89/100, specific conditions for opening Aadhaar must be met.
  8. Submission Requirements:

    • Along with a payment of NPR 500, submit one hard copy and one soft copy (on CD).
    • Ensure confidentiality while sending, with the inclusion of a signature from the campus head.
    • Clearly mention the name, position, and signature of both the research director and external examiner in the result letter.
  9. Grading Metrics:

    • Marks vs GPA:
      • Below 50: GPA 0.0, Grade F
      • 50 - 59.9: GPA 2.7, Grade B"
      • 60 - 69.9: GPA 3.0, Grade B
      • 70 - 79.9: GPA 3.3, Grade B+
      • 80 - 89.9: GPA 3.7, Grade A"
      • 90 and above GPA 4.0 A
  10. Language and Plagiarism:

    • Papers in Nepali or Hindi should be in Unicode script.
    • English research papers must undergo a plagiarism check.


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dean's Office, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal

Telephone: +977-1-4330358, +977-1-4333980, +977-1-4335104, +977-1-5902368

Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


Notice Date: 2080/07/14

This information ensures that the master's thesis submission process aligns with the highest academic standards, maintaining the integrity of the program and the university.

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