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Tribhuvan University Postpones the Equivalence Certificate of Four Indian Universities

News 06 Sep 2022 3951 0

Tribhuvan University Building

Tribhuvan University (TU) has suspended the equivalence of four Indian universities which have been giving certificates of educational qualification to Nepali students. Prof. Dr. Parasnath Yadav, Executive Director of the Center, said that the decision of the board meeting of Tribhuvan University, Curriculum Development Center has postponed the equivalence of Singhania University in Rajasthan, Mewar University, Sainath University, Jharkhand and Lovely Professional University, Punjab to be implemented from Bhadra 14th.

There is a legal provision that only after Tribhuvan University provides the equivalence of the certificate of educational qualification obtained from the university or educational institution of the foreign country, the student can officially work in Nepal. In addition, Tribhuvan University's equivalence is essential to gain further education while staying in Nepal.

Students from these universities have obtained degrees in engineering subjects that require practical knowledge such as B.E. on the basis of completing online courses. He said that various mistakes of the universities were found in the educational certificates submitted by the students for equivalence to the Curriculum Development Center Board.

Students have received certificates even though they are not attending the university. Engineers working in government offices have attended their offices 100% in Nepal. But he has received the educational certificate of completion of BE from Singhania University of India during this period to the board.

Mewar and Sainath universities have provided bachelor's and master's degrees to students who have completed courses in technical subjects like engineering online. These subjects should be completed through full practical study and teaching, but because they are obtained online (home-based); Tribhuvan University has announced that the equivalence of these subjects has been postponed.

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