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Upgradation Program for Child Development Centers in Bagmati Province

News 06 Dec 2023 396 0

Bagmati Pradesh

Upgradation Program for Child Development Centers in Bagmati Province

The Bagmati Province Government, specifically the Ministry of Social Development's Directorate of Education Development in Hetauda, Makwanpur, has recently announced an essential initiative. This program focuses on the enhancement of child development centers in partnership with local levels. As part of the annual plan for the fiscal year 2080/81, this initiative aims to significantly improve the quality of early childhood education and facilities.

Eligibility and Proposal Submission Process

Eligible child development centers are encouraged to participate in this program. To qualify, centers must meet the criteria outlined in section 4 of the Child Development Center Upgrading Procedure 2078. Interested parties are required to submit their proposals within 15 days from the notice's publication date. Proposals should be prepared according to Schedule 2 of the Procedure 2078 and directed to the Directorate of Education Development, Bagmati Province, Hetauda.

Required Documentation for Proposal

When submitting proposals, centers must include the following documents:

  1. Children's Details: Names and records of children currently enrolled.
  2. Educational Overview: Information about the educational programs and activities at the center.
  3. Infrastructure: Details about the physical infrastructure and facilities available for child development.
  4. Health and Safety: Information on health, sanitation, nutrition, and safety measures in place.
  5. External Environment: Description of the external environment, including playgrounds and other outdoor facilities.
  6. Administration Details: Information about the Bal Vikas Kendra Administration Committee.
  7. Staff Management: Documents related to staff eligibility, training, and other pertinent details.
  8. Local Level Cooperation: A letter indicating cooperation from the local level, with transparent financial details.

Additional Information

For further details regarding this upgradation program and other relevant information, interested parties can visit the Directorate's official website at

Deadline for Submission

The first announcement was made on 2080/08/20. Timely submission of proposals is crucial for consideration in this significant developmental initiative.

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Bagmati Pradesh, Hetauda

Hetauda, Makwanpur

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