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Bharatpur Metropolitan City Call Scholarship Application for Class 11

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Bharatpur Metropolitan City

Bharatpur Metropolitan City Scholarship Program for Class 11 Students

The Bharatpur Metropolitan, Municipal Executive Office, located in Chitwan, Bagmati Region, Nepal, has announced a scholarship program for students enrolling in Class 11 for the academic session of 2080. This initiative is in line with Subsection 3 (1) of Section 5 of the Metropolitan Municipality Scholarship Management Procedure 2075 (with amendments).

The scholarships are available for students who wish to study in institutional schools or community campuses under the Metropolitan Municipality. Interested students are required to submit their applications online within 15 days (by 5:00 PM on 2080/04/05).

How to Apply for the Scholarship

To apply for the scholarship, students need to:

  1. Visit the official website of Bharatpur Metropolitan City at
  2. Fill out the application form available at with all the necessary details.

Documents Required for the Application:

Along with the application form, students must upload the following documents:

  1. Grade Sit to SEE.
  2. Disability Identity Card (for disabled students).
  3. Certification document from the District Administration Office (for Adivasi, Janajati, and Dalit students).
  4. Certification document from the District Administration Office (for descendants of martyrs, descendants of the injured people of the People's movement, descendants of the Wepatta family, and descendants of the injured people of the Madhes movement).
  5. Poor and disadvantaged recommendation form from the website of the metropolis, certified by the ward office (for students applying for the poor and disadvantaged quota).
  6. Ward's poor and destitute recommendation letter based on the poor and destitute recommendation form.

This scholarship program is an excellent opportunity for students in Bharatpur Metropolitan City to pursue their education and achieve their academic goals. The Department of Educational Administration encourages all eligible students to apply.

Published Date: 2080/03/22

For more information, please contact the Department of Educational Administration, Bharatpur Metropolitan City.

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