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Chinese Govt Scholarship for Engineering and Agriculture Studies in Nepal for 2024/ 025

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Ministry of Education Building

Scholarship Opportunities for Engineering and Agriculture Studies in Nepal: Chinese Government's Offer for 2024/025

The Government of Nepal, under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, has announced an exciting scholarship opportunity for students aspiring to pursue higher education in engineering and agriculture. This initiative, facilitated by the Chinese government, is set for the academic year 2024/025 and aims to empower students through quality education in these critical fields.

Eligibility and Application Details

  • Target Audience: The scholarship is open to students interested in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in engineering and agriculture. It is an excellent chance for those who aim to advance their knowledge and skills in these areas.

  • Minimum Qualifications:

    • For Engineering Students: Applicants must have participated and passed the last entrance examination conducted by the Tribhuvan University, Institute of Engineering Studies, Pulchokala.
    • For Agriculture Students: Similarly, those applying for agriculture programs should have cleared the entrance examination by the Tribhuvan University Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science Studies, Kirtipur.
    • Age Criteria: The age limit is set at 25 years for undergraduate applicants and 35 years for postgraduate applicants.
  • Application Process:

    • Published Date for Applications: The official announcement for this scholarship was made on 2080/09/18.
    • Specific Course Requirements: Details regarding the subjects required for application, qualifications, groups, and available seats will be part of the application package.

Key Dates and Application Submission

  • Application Period: The window for submitting applications is from the 18th Poush to the end of Poush 2080.
  • Submission Venue: Applications must be submitted at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Scholarship Branch, located in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.

Financial Requirements

  • Application Fee: An application fee of Rs. 1,000 (one thousand and one rupees only) is required.
  • Payment Details: The fee should be deposited at the Rastriya Banijya Bank under Office Code No. 350003501 and Revenue Title No. 14229.
  • Receipt Submission: Applicants must attach the bank's gross receipt to their application.

Mandatory Documents for Application

Applicants are required to submit a comprehensive set of documents along with their application form:

  • Application Form: A fully filled out application form (sample provided with the notification).
  • Bank Receipt: Proof of the submitted application fee.
  • Citizenship Proof: A copy of the Nepali citizenship certificate.
  • Entrance Exam Details: Roll number, rank, merit, and subject details from relevant entrance examinations conducted by Tribhuvan University, including:
    • Postgraduate level entrance exams for both the Institute of Engineering Studies, Pulchok and the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science Studies, Kirtipur.
    • Graduation level entrance exam for the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science Studies, Kirtipur (conducted in 2080).
  • Academic Transcripts:
    • For postgraduate level applicants: Transcript of Bachelor Level, Class 12 or certificate level (or equivalent).
    • For undergraduate level applicants: Transcript of Class 12 or certificate level (or equivalent) and mark sheet of SEE/SLC examination.
  • Foreign Education Equivalency: If the educational qualification is obtained from outside Nepal, a transcript or mark sheet from the relevant board, along with an equivalency determination letter from the concerned curriculum development center.
  • Identity Verification: In case of discrepancies in name, surname, or date of birth across documents, a recommendation letter from the district administration office confirming identity.

Detailed Guidelines for Applying to Reserved Scholarship Seats in Engineering and Agriculture (2024/025)

The Government of Nepal's scholarship program for 2024/025, sponsored by the Chinese government, offers special reservation categories for female students from community schools. Understanding these categories and the required documentation is crucial for applicants seeking these reserved seats in engineering and agriculture studies.

Community School Group Reservation

  • Target Group: This reservation is specifically for female candidates who have completed their SLC/SEE from public community schools.
  • Mandatory Documents for Reservation:
    1. Community School Verification: A recommendation letter from the concerned local level or education development and coordination unit confirming that the school where the candidate passed SLC/SEE is a community government school.
    2. Poverty Recommendation: A letter of recommendation for poverty, as outlined in Schedule 1 of Schedule 1, 2060, should be obtained from the concerned rural municipality/municipality.

Other School Group Reservation

  • Eligibility: Female candidates applying for this group can seek reservation in the 'other school group'.
  • Document Requirement: Unlike the community school group, proof of poverty is not required for this category.

Application Considerations

  • Incomplete Applications: Applications lacking required documents for the public school reservation will be automatically considered only for ordinary schools.
  • Merit Order Establishment: The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology will rank candidates based on entrance exam performance and relevant reservation documents.

Seat Allocation Priority

  • Primary Priority: Candidates from public schools with required documents will be given first preference in reserved seats.
  • Subsequent Priority: If no suitable candidate is found in the community group, reserved seats will shift to candidates from other schools within Nepal.
  • Additional Allocation: In the absence of eligible candidates from other schools, reserved seats will follow the scholarship regulations and be distributed to different groups.

Assistance and Queries

For any issues or questions during the application process, candidates can contact the branch at phone number 01-6635442 for guidance and information.

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