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Ministry of Education Notice for BSc Forestry Scholarship at Kathmandu Forestry College

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Ministry of Education Building

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Scholarship Branch, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur Important notice regarding application for free study in Kathmandu Forestry College in the subject of BSc Forestry scholarship:

According to the letter received from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Technical Education Branch, Challani Number 172, dated 2081/01/12, 5 students to study on scholarship in BSc Forestry at the Kathmandu Forestry College affiliated to Tribhuvan University for the academic year 2080-085. As general and collective recommendation and nomination are required, applications are invited from Nepalese citizens who have fulfilled the following qualifications for the purpose of maintaining and nominating according to the Scholarship Regulations, 2060 (with amendments) along with the following documents.

1) Minimum Qualification Required for Application:

a) Must have attended and passed the Undergraduate Entrance Examination conducted by the Dean's Office, Institute of Forestry Studies under Tribhuvan University (TU) in the year 2080.

b) Group and seat allotted for application

(1) In General Group: 3 Seats

(2) Reservation Group: Women: 1 seat and Janajati: 1 seat

2) Application Deadline: The application can be submitted at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Scholarship Branch, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur (Savik Distance Education Centre) from 01st Jestha 2081 to 10th Jestha 2081. A sample application form is attached herewith.

3) Provisions related to revenue: Applicants have to file the revenue application amount of Rs 1,000.- (literally one thousand rupees only) at National Commercial Bank, office code no. 350003501 and revenue title no. The sample is given in the page part of this notice.

4) Documents to be submitted along with the application:

* Fully filled application form,

* Revenue submitted gross receipt,

* Copy of citizenship certificate.

* Roll number, Rank / Merit, subject, of the entrance examination conducted by the Dean's Office, Tribhuvan University, Institute of Forestry Studies in the year 2080.

* Copy of Transcript of educational qualification passed at 10+2 or certificate level or equivalent,

* Copy of mark sheet of SEE/SLC examination,

* If the board where the educational qualification was obtained is from outside Nepal, a copy of the equivalency certificate issued by the relevant board of Nepal,

* A copy of the recommendation letter from the relevant district administration office stating that the name, surname and date of birth are different in the certificate of citizenship and educational qualification.

B) Community School Group (Community School Group)

Since only the candidates who can submit all 3 documents including recommendation of poverty, recommendation related to government schools and proof related to reserved group belong to the public school group, the candidates who wish to apply in this group must submit these three documents along with the application. A copy must be submitted.

1) Letter of recommendation provided by concerned local body or Education, Development and Coordinating Unit that the school passed SLC/SEE is community/government,

2) Recommendation letter of destitution issued by the concerned rural municipality/city/sub-metropolitan city/metropolitan city in accordance with Schedule 1 of Open Scholarship Rules, 2060 (with amendments) dated June 01, 2081 to June 10, 2081 (the sample is given herewith)

3) Letter of recommendation provided by the following agency to prove that he is a member of the concerned community.

Tribal Recommendation: Recommendation letter provided by Aadivasi Janajati Utthan Rastriya Pratishthan or from concerned District Administration Office,

c) Other School Group Reservation group towards other schools

Candidates applying for this group must submit the documents specified above for the General Group as well as a photocopy of the recommendation letter from the body specified in item no.

This notification also informs you that if any of the documents requested for reservation are not included in the application, the application for reservation will be rejected and will automatically be maintained only for the general public. No application will be registered subject to condition restriction.

5) Merit order:

According to the rules, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology will establish the merit order of the general and reservation group based on the results obtained in the entrance examination conducted by the relevant study institute or faculty in 2080 and Rank / Merit and the documents and evidence related to reservation.

6) Opportunities for other school groups:

First priority will be given to the candidates who have passed the entrance examination from the public school at the reserved place and submitted the above mentioned documents. Only in the event that there is no candidate in the community group, reserved places will be provided to people from the same community who have passed the entrance exam from other schools within Nepal. In case that is not the case, the reserved seat will be converted into a general group and distributed according to the scholarship regulations.

Again, if there is any problem while filling the form, you can call the branch phone number 01-6645442 to get information.

Date of publication: 2081/01/31

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