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Ministry of Education Published B.Sc. Agriculture Pre-Nomination List

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Ministry of Education

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education and Technology, Scholarship Section, Keshar Mahal, Kathmandu Urgent notice regarding the publication of a pre-nomination list of candidates who have applied for nomination for free scholarship in BSc Agriculture subject in some colleges under Tribhuvan University.

As per the decision of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology dated 2079-03-06, Gokuleshwar College of Agriculture and Animal Science, Gokuleshwar Baitadi, Campus of Live Sciences, Phulbari Dang, and Prithu Technical College, Lamahi Dang under Tribhuvan University. It is learned that the qualification list of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has been published for the purpose of nominating and sending 15 students for the scholarship.

As there is no contradiction in the list of qualifications, as per the decision of the Ministry, the following candidates should be selected on the basis of the same qualifications and the college preference list selected by the candidate. Pre-nomination has been done as per the procedure guideline, 2069.

If there is any factual claim against the pre-nominated candidates and the pre-nominated candidates are requested to send an application to the scholarship branch through [email protected] or submit the application directly to the Scholarship Section by 14th Ashad, 2079.

The application format is attached to this notice. Candidates on the alternative list will be nominated as per the rules if the required documents (whether they are willing to study or not) are not received at the branch within the stipulated time.

Published date: 2079-03-12

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Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Singhadurbar, Kathmandu

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