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Scholarship Applications Surge in Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Scholarship 21 Jul 2023 2544 0

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Notice

Scholarship Applications Surge in Kathmandu Metropolitan City: A Close Look at Class 11 Enrollment

The city of Kathmandu is witnessing an upswing in scholarship applications for Class 11 students. According to the latest data, 1,083 online applications have been submitted for this academic opportunity as of July 20, 2023.

Breakdown of Applications by Subject and Gender

These applicants represent a diverse mix of academic interests and genders. A major chunk of the applications, 549 to be precise, came from science students, with a considerable girls representation of 227 students.

The next highest demand was seen in the field of management, where 239 applications were submitted, 148 by male students and 91 by girls students.

For more specialized subjects, the number of applications varied. For example, technical subjects saw a total of 41 applications, with a slightly higher number of male students (24) than girls students (17).

In contrast, the humanities field witnessed an equal distribution of applications, with 1 male and 1 girls student each applying for the scholarship.

Scholarships Availability and Eligibility Criteria

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has estimated that around 4,200 scholarship seats are available for Class 11 students. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 1.6 from their Secondary Education Examination (SEE).

The authorities have also made it easier for students to apply by removing the need for character certificates, in response to complaints about the delay in obtaining these from schools.

Quotas for Different Student Categories

When the scholarships are distributed, different quotas will be considered:

  • 40% will be given to students who have studied in public schools,
  • 5% to students who have studied on scholarships from institutional schools,
  • 9% to all students who have permanent residence within the Kathmandu Metropolitan City,
  • 1% to students who have studied in schools in the same area while living in Bancharedanda landfill side.

The remaining 45% of the seats will be reserved for students who have studied in public schools.

There are also specific quotas for certain groups:

  • 9% scholarship will be given to Dalits,
  • 2% to Muslims,
  • 4% to Tharu,
  • 2% to people with disabilities,
  • 4% to people from backward areas,
  • 2% to families of martyrs and missing citizens and families of conflict-affected citizens.

These scholarships offer a chance to students across Kathmandu to pursue their dreams with less financial stress. The inclusivity and range of these scholarships serve to demonstrate the Metropolitan Municipality's commitment to encouraging educational growth in the city.

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