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Karnali Province Training Academy Vacancy for Executive Director

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Government Job Vacancy in Nepal

Karnali Province Training Academy Vacancy for Executive Director

Government of Karnali Province, Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, Birendranagar, Surkhet, Nepal, second time published notification regarding the requirement of an Executive Director

A training institute has been established in accordance with the "Karnali Province Training Academy (Establishment and Operation) Act, 2080" for the purpose of providing training to improve the administrative and management skills of elected, nominated or appointed officials and employees of Karnali Province and local level.

In sub-section (1) of section 13 of the said Act, there will be one executive director in the said center and for that, as per sub-section (6) of the same section, the interested Nepali citizens who have met the necessary qualifications for the post of executive director should apply within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of publication of this notice. Applications are invited to this office.


Designation: Executive Director

Required Post Number: 1 (one)

Tenure: 4 years from the date of appointment

> Minimum Educational Qualification: Graduated from a recognized university.

> Work Experience: Having at least eight years of working experience in the field of public administration or management or law or research or having retired from a post of first class or equivalent under the gazetted government of Nepal or a state government and not holding any other public position for at least one year.

> Type of examination: Educational qualification, experience, work plan preparation and presentation and interview.

> Documents to be submitted: Documents as per schedule-1 of Karnali Province Training Academy Executive Director Recommendation Procedure, 2080 should be submitted.

> Service facilities: Same as secretary of state government.

> Age: Completion of 40 years and not exceeding 65 years.

> Place of submission of application: Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, Birendra Nagar Surkhet.

> Last date for submission of application: 2081/01/25 within office hours. No action will be taken on applications received before the deadline.

> The exam date will be published later.

> For more information contact: 9858086400 (Information Officer).

> According to the notification dated 2080/10/08, all the applications have been maintained as they are and they do not need to apply again.

Executive Director Recommendation Committee Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, Karnali Province, Surkhet

Published Date : 2081/01/11

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