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Teacher Service Commission (TSC) Vacancy for Primary Level Teacher 2081

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Teacher Service Commission (TSC) Vacancy for Primary Level Teacher 2081

Government of Nepal, Teacher Service Commission (TSC – Shikshak Sewa Aayog) Advertisement of Open Competitive Examination for Primary Level (Pravi), Third Class, Teacher Post-2080/81

In order to fill up permanent posts in the number of posts mentioned below through an open and inclusive competitive examination for primary level, third class, teacher posts of community schools, interested candidates who meet the minimum qualifications specified below can apply online through the Commission's official online application system This advertisement has been published to apply.

1) Type of Examination:

(a) Written Examination (General and Subjective)

(b) Interview

2) Exam conduct:

(a) Date and time of conduct of written examination (General): 2081/03/22 at 1:00 pm.

(b) The date of the written examination (subject-wise) will be fixed when the result of the general examination is published.

(c) Date, time and place of interview: The results of the written test (subjective) will be determined when the results are published.

3) Examination centers:

Morang in Koshi province, Dhanusha in Madhesh province, Makwanpur in Bagmati province, Kaski in Gandaki province, Dang in Lumbini province, Surkhet in Karnali province and Kailali district in Sudurpaschim province. If the number of applicants is too high and it is not possible to administer the examination in those districts, the commission may decide to appoint examination centers in other districts as well. Other detailed information will be published later on the Commission's website.

4) Application Fee: Rs.500/- and for each inclusive group additional Rs. 400/- should be paid at the rate of Rs.

5) Last date of submission of application: up to 2081/02/13.

6) Date of application for payment of 6 double fees: up to 2081/02/20.

7) Age limit of candidates: Completed 18 years of age and not exceeding 40 years as on the last date of application.

8) Mode of Application: For the advertised post, the application should be submitted on the Commission's official online portal Detailed information on the application submission method can be viewed by clicking on the "User Manual" on the Commission's online portal.

9) Bank and method of filling the form and submitting the application fee:

The form has to be submitted through the Commission's online portal. Before submitting the form, make sure that the details you have filled in are missing or there are no documents included. After confirming, click on "Details of application submission". After paying the application fee, make sure that all your details are correct as no details of the applicant can be changed. Then click on "Click here" to submit the fee. Choose any option from "National Commercial Bank" or "Nepal Bank Limited" in Bank Option. After selecting the bank, click on "Get Voucher". After the voucher is generated, print the voucher and pay the specified amount to the respective bank within the specified time. In case of online payment, after the voucher is generated, click on the "Pay Online" button on the same page. Then online voucher will be generated and Connect IPS, E-Sewa and Khalti options will appear to pay the amount. Then select any option from Connect IPS, E-Sewa and Khalti and click. After that, click on "Pay Amount". After that, in the selected option, put the username and password in the online payment and if the details with your name match, deposit the specified amount (single or double invoice according to the specified date). It will be confirmed that your application has been filed only after verifying the payment. The commission will publish the notification after the deadline for submitting the application for viewing and printing the admit card. For this you have to keep your email, candidate code number and password safe.

10) Application fee submission period:

Last date for submission of application is 2081/02/13 at 11:59 PM after printing the voucher generated from Revenue Information System on 2081/02/14 within the time of banking transaction and in case of submission of double duty payment application at 2081/02/20 at 11:00 PM. : Within 59 hours, the voucher generated from the Revenue Information System should be printed and the payment mentioned in the voucher must be compulsorily submitted within the banking transaction time on the next day, 2081/02/21. But if there is a public holiday on that day, it can be submitted on the next day when the office is open.

11) Minimum qualification required for candidates:

(a) Nepali citizen.

(b) Not disqualified as per rule 10 of Teachers Service Commission Rules (with amendments), 2057.

(c) Passed Secondary Education Pass Examination (Class 12) or equivalent examination (at least 200 full marks or 8 credit hours) in the relevant subject from a recognized educational institution and completed at least 10 months of training in education.

But if a candidate has passed the Secondary Education Passing Examination (Class 12) or Proficiency Certificate level or similar examination by taking 200 full marks education related subjects, he will be considered to have received training.

(d) Obtained a permanent teaching license of primary level. Obtained a permanent teaching permit of the upper level

Those who have done can also be candidates for the teacher post mentioned in this advertisement. But such people Must have completed 10 months training in education.

12) Documents to be uploaded:

Nepali citizenship certificate, recent photograph, signature sample, certificate of minimum qualification, training certificate, permanent teaching permit and equivalency certificate (in case of studying from a foreign educational institution) scanned in jpeg/jpg format (maximum 200 KB per image) at the location specified by the online application portal) will have to be uploaded.

Regarding the authenticity of the details mentioned in the application and the submitted documents, the concerned candidate himself /herself should be fully responsible. If the mentioned details and documents are found to be false or if the specified documents are not submitted, such application will be canceled at any time.

13)  Additional documents to be submitted by candidates for inclusion:

(a) Regarding tribes/tribes, in the case of castes listed in the Adivasi Janajati Utthan Rastriya Pratisthan Act, 2058, on the basis of the same list and if there is more than one surname within the caste listed in that Act, the surname within the caste is listed by the chief district officer on the recommendation of the head of the local level concerned Certified document.

(b) "Madheshi, tribal/tribal, Dalit, backward class or minority Muslim community living in Terai-Madhesh" from the organization specified by the Government of Nepal by publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazette regarding Madheshi, tribal/tribal, Dalit, backward class or minority Muslim community living in Terai-Madhesh. A document certifying that they are Madhesi, tribal/tribal, Dalit, backward class or minority Muslim community living in Terai Madhesh from the Chief District Officer on the recommendation of the head of the local level if not specified in this way.

(c) Regarding Dalits, in the case of castes listed by the National Dalit Commission, on the basis of the same list and if there is more than one surname within the caste listed by that commission, a document certified by the Chief District Officer as a surname within the caste listed in that manner on the recommendation of the head of the local level concerned.

(d) In case of disability, an identity card certifying the disability from the concerned body (Social Welfare Council, Women's Development Office of Savik and related local level).

(e) In relation to the backward areas, birth and permanent residence in Achham, Bajhang, Bajura, Jajarkot, Kalikot, Jumla, Dolpa, Mugu and Humla districts, citizenship certificate obtained from the respective district and permanent residence in the same place till the time of application from the concerned local level. Certified document.

14) More information about advertisement:

(a) The competition and selection of this advertisement will be at the district level.

(b) Since the written examination will be held on the same day at the same time in all the provinces, any candidate

can fill the application form only in one district. If the application form is rejected due to failure to do so, the candidate will be responsible and accountable.

(c) Candidates of open and inclusive groups will be selected through a single examination.

(d) "Tribal/Tribal", "Madheshi, tribal/tribal, Dalit, backward class or minority Muslim community living

in Terai-Madhesh" or "Dalit" group can contest only as a candidate of one section of the community. But women's This arrangement will not be applicable in the case of: (e) If there is a request from the relevant body to increase or decrease the number of posts within 21 days from the date of publication of advertisement And if the number of posts does not affect the inclusive group, then the number of demanded posts may be reduced.

(f) The period of double duty shall not be counted for the purpose of age, educational qualification and training.

(G) Applications that are not submitted within the deadline specified by the commission, or that do not meet the minimum qualifications, or that do not disclose other specified details, or that do not submit the specified fee, or that are not submitted correctly or that have any conditions will not be accepted. Also, if it is known that a candidate has submitted false details (documents), the application of such a candidate will be canceled at any time and action will be taken according to the prevailing law.

(h) Candidates unable to write by themselves due to disability (blind, 'C' category low vision and ambulatory).

At least one level below the minimum qualification prescribed for the respective level, if requested by the associate author Qualified person having permanent residence of the candidate to sit the examination as assistant writer

The education development and coordination unit of the district or the district where the examination center is located can give permission. like this The associate writer should have passed the prescribed minimum qualification only one year before.

(i) Equivalence should be determined in case of educational qualifications of foreign educational institutions.

(j) If a candidate has passed the Secondary Education Passing Examination (Class 12) or graduation or post-graduate level or similar educational degree and has passed the examination with at least 200 full marks separately in a different subject, such person can also be a candidate in the advertised related subject.

(k) Only the candidates who pass the written examination (general) will be allowed to participate in the subject examination.

(l) If a person has taken 10 months of training and has passed class 12 from the special course of the Higher Secondary Education Council of that time, such a person cannot be a candidate in this advertisement as it is only recognized for training purposes without recognition of the academic degree.

(m) Rule 11A of the Teachers Service Commission Rules (as amended) 2057 when a candidate fills the application form from a backward area. When the citizenship certificate is issued from the district mentioned in (2) of the explanation of the sub-rule (1) of the district, if the place of birth and permanent residence is in those districts, the benefit of the backward area will be given. But on the basis of marriage registration or migration documents, the facilities of that area will not be available.

(n) Teacher Service Commission Regulations, Rule 11A of 2057 in the advertisement made by Teachers Service Commission dated 2079/12/09 for primary level, third grade, teacher post. According to the provision mentioned in sub-rule 5, the reserved posts which are not filled in the inclusive group of Bhaktapur and Lalitpur districts are included in this advertisement by indicating with star (*) symbol. If a suitable candidate is not available for the post requested in this advertisement, such post will be included in the advertisement published next year

(o) The Syllabus/Sample Question Paper can be obtained from the Commission's page.

For technical information regarding advertisement, please contact mobile number 9851103299.

(First Published Date 2081/01/15)

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