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Chitwan College of Technology (Formerly known as Indreni College) has positioned itself as a leading institution for higher education in Nepal, especially for students passionate about Information Technology and Computing. Established to mold the futures of +2 graduates, the college has formed strategic affiliations with Tribhuvan University (TU) to offer esteemed programs like Bachelor of Information Management (BIM), Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc. CSIT).

Educational Philosophy at Chitwan College of Technology

At its core, Chitwan College of Technology is dedicated to fostering an environment where students can enhance their skills, deepen their knowledge base, and develop the right attitude essential for thriving in the dynamic sectors of IT and Computing. Recognizing the ever-increasing influence of technology on our daily lives, the college focuses on producing technically adept graduates ready to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

Curriculum and Beyond

The college offers a curriculum that not only adheres to the high standards set by Tribhuvan University but also integrates essential soft skills training, problem-solving techniques, and critical thinking exercises. Moreover, students benefit from additional IT courses tailored to meet industry demands, ensuring their education is both current and relevant.

  • Balanced Approach to Learning: Courses at Chitwan College of Technology strike a balance between theory and practice, encouraging students to apply what they learn in real-world scenarios.
  • Skill Development: There is a strong emphasis on skill acquisition, particularly technical skills that are valued in the workplace.
  • Practical Exposure: Students get to work with advanced computing tools and technologies, giving them a competitive edge.

Career Preparation at Chitwan College of Technology

Studying at Chitwan College of Technology is more than an academic pursuit; it is a journey towards a successful career in IT. The college equips students with a mix of cutting-edge theoretical knowledge and hands-on technical expertise, preparing them to excel as IT professionals both within Nepal and on a global stage.

Our Mission and Vision

  • Mission: Chitwan College of Technology is committed to enriching human knowledge and societal welfare through integrated education and research. The college nurtures students to address complex technological issues while grooming them to become innovative contributors to society.
  • Vision: We strive to educate, train, guide, and inspire students, paving the way for them to embark on rewarding careers in the IT and computing sectors.

Objectives and Values

Chitwan College of Technology is steadfast in its objective to lay a strong foundation for studies in computing and IT. Upholding values of Dedication, Honour, Respect, Trust, and Responsibility, we guide our students towards academic and professional success.

  • Expert Faculty: Our faculty members are experienced, innovative, and deeply committed to student success.
  • Practical Experience: Through modern labs and practical experiences, we connect students to the evolving world of IT.
  • Holistic Development: We ensure students not only learn but also apply their knowledge to real-world challenges.

Admission Procedure:


Eligibility Criteria for BCA Admission

  • A minimum of D+ grade in each subject during grades 11 and 12, with an overall CGPA of 2.0 or above.
  • Alternatively, a minimum score of second division marks in a 10+2, PCL, or equivalent program in any discipline.

BCA Admission Process

  • Submission of the application form within the stipulated admission timeframe.
  • Providing academic transcripts and other required documentation for verification.
  • Attendance of an interview or entrance test if conducted by the college.

For B.Sc. CSIT

Eligibility for B.Sc. CSIT Admission

  • Must have successfully completed a 10+2 level of education with a minimum 'C' grade in all subjects.

B.Sc. CSIT Admission Steps

  • Collection of the Admission Form and Entrance Model Questions from any recognized B.Sc. CSIT college.
  • Filling out and submitting the TU Admission Form at a single college, which will be valid for all participating colleges/campuses.


Qualifications for BIM Admission

  • Completion of twelve years of schooling, or its equivalent, from an institution recognized by Tribhuvan University.
  • Attaining a minimum D+ grade in each subject of grade 11 and 12 with a CGPA of 1.80 or more, or securing at least a second division in the 10+2, PCL, or equivalent program.

BIM Application Procedure

  • Ensuring eligibility criteria are met before applying.
  • Filling out the application form provided by the college.
  • Compliance with all the necessary application procedures as directed by the admission office.

Why Choose Chitwan College of Technology for IT Education?

Chitwan College of Technology is dedicated to providing a comprehensive learning environment for future IT professionals. By enrolling in our programs, students are assured of receiving up-to-date technical knowledge, hands-on experience in state-of-the-art labs, and the development of essential soft skills for a flourishing career in the tech industry. With experienced faculty and a commitment to excellence, we guide our students through every step of their academic journey towards achieving their professional goals.


  • Tribhuvan University (TU)

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