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Kathmandu Engineering College (KEC) is a premier engineering college in Nepal, affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU) and located at Kalimati, Kathmandu. Established in 1998, KEC has been providing quality education to its students for over two decades. It is the first ISO: 9001:2008 certified college in Nepal and has been growing stronger since its inception.

The college is managed by an excellent team of board members and is autonomous from the perspectives of administration, staff and teacher recruitment as well as college development. The KEC compound is spread over 30 ropanies of land leased and owned by the college in Kalimati, Mulpani, Jay Bageshwori and Sukedhara. It is equipped with all the facilities required to ensure a sound academic environment.

One of the prominent features of KEC is its accessibility. The college can be reached by public transport at any time, and it also offers transportation facilities of its own. The college provides ample parking space for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. The campus is well-organized with departments, a well-equipped library, a student’s amenities centre, a multipurpose hall, an administrative block, specified labs, and clean strolling paths and lawns.

KEC believes in blending academic wisdom with equal fractions of liberty and hard work. The college emphasizes creating an understanding environment rather than just teaching and studying. The motive of the college is to instill the practice of listening, observing, and speaking in its students.

At KEC, students can choose from a range of Bachelor degree courses with a focus on both practical and theoretical engineering studies. These courses include Architecture, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering. The college provides a platform for students to develop their skills and knowledge in their chosen field, preparing them to become successful professionals in the future.

Overall, Kathmandu Engineering College is a great choice for students looking for quality engineering education in Nepal. With its excellent facilities, experienced faculty, and a strong commitment to student success, KEC is sure to provide a valuable and enriching academic experience.

Life at KEC

Exam Section: KEC has a centralized Examination Section that takes care of all the tests and examinations within the college. This department is responsible for organizing and programming examinations, and keeping academic records of the students.

Assessment/Examinations: KEC conducts periodical tests and unit tests on a regular basis in the form of end-of-chapter tests and unit tests. Students are required to take all these tests, and their scores add up to the final internal marking.

Progress Report: KEC regularly monitors its students individually and prepares progress reports based on alternate dat test (ADT), Assignments, Attendance, and class performance. The progress reports are distributed to parents once during the middle of the semester and again at the end of the semester. These progress reports help students evaluate themselves personally and help them grow.

International Unit: KEC has its own international unit for the conduction of various research efforts and project works that aim to motivate the students as well as the various faculties through the use of the latest technology.

Research and Development: The Office of KEC Research and Publications (OKRP) was launched with the aim of encouraging research and writing amongst the faculty and students of KEC. The office consists of a Research Advisor, various Research Coordinators and Editors. It envisions exploring research-based educational practices through research, seminars and talks, as well as through the continual publication of research journals.

Yog and Discipline: KEC values discipline and expects so from its students. To instill discipline (physically, mentally, socially and spiritually) in them, the college practises compulsory yoga sessions which include Asanas, Pranayama, Yog-Nidra, and Meditation. These sessions are led by a full-time yoga expert, and have helped students and faculty members improve their physical health, memory power, and overall wellbeing.

Features, Infrastructures, and Facilities offered at KEC:

Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs): KEC collaborates with Microsoft and appoints MSPs who act as a bridge between the college and Microsoft. The MSPs organize regular training sessions and events to help students understand technological advancements. KEC students get genuine software worth thousands of rupees for free. A students’ technology club has been introduced to organize events in the IT field.

Job Placement Services: KEC helps students transition from college to work by providing job placement services. The college assists students and graduates in obtaining positions in reputed organizations.

Sports: KEC believes that extracurricular activities help students enhance their mental and physical abilities, and improve their all-round efficiency. The college encourages students to participate in sports and organizes sports weeks and intra-college competitions. KEC has facilities for football, basketball, badminton, cricket, volleyball, and table tennis.

Internet Facilities: Students have access to online browsing at the computer laboratories. The college has an e-learning facility where students can download tutorials, notes, etc. The e-clearance facility has been introduced for student clearance and the e-attendance system for minute monitoring of student attendance in class. The college has created two Wi-Fi zones within its premises: the library and the canteen.

Information Center: KEC has established an information center to provide ample information to students, parents, guardians, or anyone interested in KEC's day-to-day activities. It is an information archive that keeps everyone updated on college activities.

Survey Camp and Field Visits: Third-year civil students carry out a two-week survey camp to simulate actual field conditions for the execution of detailed topographical survey. Students of architecture, electronics, computer, and electrical departments carry out field visits to help them grasp the subject matter practically.

Transportation: KEC has its own fleet of buses that are used on college days and made available for site visits, survey camps, researches, participation, etc.

Hostel: KEC runs its own hostel with modern facilities and a good security system comprising wardens, guards, and service personnel. Separate arrangements are made for girls seeking hostel facilities. The hostel has single, double, triple, and quadruple rooms with a capacity of 19 students. Each student is given a closet, table, bed, and chair. Hygienic food is available at a reasonable price.

Stationary/Photocopy Center: Stationary supplies materials for studies and practical courses, and has facilities like photocopy, printing, lamination, binding, etc.

Spacious Library: KEC’s comprehensive library has separate sections reserved for the various courses offered in engineering. The library accommodates over 50,000 course/reference books, text books, and course manuals. We have e-learning facilities where we host ftp server (file transfer protocol) for online resources in the library.

Cafeteria: The KEC-Cafeteria serves breakfast, lunch, snacks, and bakery products at reasonable costs. It serves hygienic food in several tastes.

Guidance and Counseling: This unit looks after the welfare of the students, both collective and individual. KEC believes that the students at this level go through a lot of stress, which requires correct and prompt addressing for overall efficiency on the part of the students involved. Guidance & Counseling helps students concentrate on studies and looks after various aspects of the student through three different sub-units.

Why Choose KEC?

There are many reasons why one might choose KEC (Kantipur Engineering College) as their preferred college for pursuing engineering studies. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Quality Education: KEC is known for providing quality education to its students. The college has a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are dedicated to imparting knowledge and skills to the students.
  2. Infrastructure and Facilities: KEC has a well-established infrastructure and provides modern facilities to its students. The college has well-equipped laboratories, libraries, computer labs, and a cafeteria, among others. It also offers transportation and hostel facilities to the students.
  3. Industry-Academia Collaboration: KEC has a strong industry-academia collaboration, which provides the students with practical exposure to the industry. The college has partnerships with various industries, which help in providing internships, training, and job placements to the students.
  4. Job Placement Services: KEC has a dedicated job placement service that helps students in finding job opportunities that are aligned with their interests and skills. The college has a good track record of placing its students in reputed organizations.
  5. Sports and Extracurricular Activities: KEC encourages students to participate in various extracurricular activities and sports. The college has a range of sports facilities, including football, basketball, badminton, cricket, volleyball, and table tennis. It also organizes sports weeks and intra-college competitions.
  6. Student Support Services: KEC provides various student support services, including guidance and counseling, mentorship, and academic support. The college has a student information center that provides information on college day-to-day activities.

Overall, KEC offers a conducive learning environment that fosters intellectual growth, personal development, and professional excellence.

Courses Offered:

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BE Civil): This program focuses on the study of designing, planning, constructing, and maintaining infrastructure such as buildings, roads, bridges, and other structures. Students will learn about various aspects of civil engineering including materials science, structural analysis, geotechnical engineering, water resources engineering, transportation engineering, and construction management.

Bachelor of Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering (BECIE): This program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of electronic circuits, communication systems, and computer networks. The curriculum includes courses in digital electronics, signal processing, wireless communication, embedded systems, data communication, and computer architecture.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BCE): This program focuses on the study of computer systems and software development. Students will learn about computer programming, software engineering, computer networks, database systems, and computer graphics. The curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills needed to develop software applications and systems.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (BEE): This program focuses on the study of electrical systems and power generation, transmission, and distribution. Students will learn about electrical circuits, electromagnetism, power systems, control systems, and renewable energy sources. The curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills needed to design, install, and maintain electrical systems.

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch): This program is designed to prepare students for a career in architecture. The curriculum includes courses in architectural history, building construction, design theory, environmental design, and urban planning. Students will learn about various architectural styles and techniques and gain practical experience through design projects and internships.


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