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Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy Nepal

Urlabari, Morang

Estd. 1993




Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy Nepal (MBMAN) was founded in 1993 AD as a Community Organization. It was established in memory of the Late Madan Kumar Bhandari (Political Leader of Nepal). It is located in Urlabari-3, Morang district of Nepal. The organization is committed to materializing the vision of leader Bhandari by providing the most possible opportunities for employment to the deprived people in the community, through Formal and Non-formal, Technical Education and Skill Based Vocational Training. It has been providing services through the Right Based Community Development Program.

MBMAN is affiliated to Pokhara University, Purbanchal University and Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) and is recognized by the Nepal Health Professional Council (NHPC). It offers various higher secondary technical education programs in Engineering Field (M.Sc. in Construction Management, Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Bachelor in Computer Engineering) and Bachelor in Architecture joint constituent campus to Pokhara University. Bachelor in Information Technology and Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Agriculture affiliated to Purbanchal University. Diploma in Civil Engineering, Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science), Diploma in Agriculture (Animal Science), PCL in General Medicine-Health Assistant (HA), TSLC in Civil Engineering (Civil Sub-Overseer), and Veterinary JTA affiliated to CTEVT. Also, it has been active in different community fields giving entrepreneurship training with different sub-organizations like Idea Studio, School of Entrepreneurship Development, and different training centers.


The Academy Takes Pride In Its Concept And Principle "Right-Holders Are Progressing Towards Improved Living Standards Through Better Technology, Skills, And Resource Mobilization".

  • To conduct employment-based technical and vocational skill training,
  • To develop skilled technical human resources targeting national and international markets.
  • To build upon the traditional skills and appropriate technology and transformation for productivity and self-employment.
  • To support natural resource management and in the development and management of enterprises based on the use of local human resources.
  • To undertake studies, research, and publication works in relation to the technical and vocational training organized by the academy, as well as in different public issues and their socio-economic impact.
  • To support and facilitate implementation of programs on Human Rights and Right Based Approach for Social Transformation and Justice.
  • To undertake study and research on ideology, philosophy, and thoughts of the visionary leader Madan Kumar Bhandari, their documentation, publication, extension, and safe custody and
  • To initiate the promotion of Technological University for developing skilled human resources through higher technical education, research, and equivalence.

Joint Constituent College of Pokhara University and Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy Nepal

- Madan Bhandari College of Engineering


Purbanchal University - School of Science and Technology, MBMAN

CTEVT - Polytechnic Institute, School of Agriculture

Courses Offered

MSc in Construction Management (M.Sc. in C.M.)

Dive into the intricacies of construction management with this master’s program. Designed for graduates looking to specialize, it covers project management, advanced construction techniques, and strategic planning in the construction sector. Ideal for aspiring project managers and construction consultants.

Bachelor in Civil Engineering (BE Civil)

This undergraduate program lays a strong foundation in civil engineering principles. Students learn about materials science, structural analysis, and environmental engineering, equipping them for careers in construction, infrastructure development, and urban planning.

Bachelor in Computer Engineering (BE Computer)

A comprehensive degree that merges computer science with electrical engineering. From software development to network security, students are prepared for the tech-driven landscape, suitable for roles in software engineering, IT consultancy, and systems design.

Bachelor in Architecture (B.Arch)

This creative and technical program trains students in the art and science of building design. It encompasses architectural theory, history, project management, and sustainable design practices, perfect for future architects and urban designers.

Bachelor in IT (BIT)

Focused on the information technology domain, this program provides extensive knowledge in systems analysis, database management, and programming. Graduates are ready for the IT industry, specializing in network management, cybersecurity, or software development.

BSc (Honors) in Agriculture

An in-depth program that imparts education in modern agricultural practices, biotechnology, and natural resource management. It caters to those interested in agribusiness, farm management, or research in agricultural sciences.

PCL General Medicine (HA)

This program trains students to become Health Assistants, focusing on primary healthcare, medical diagnostics, and patient care. Graduates often work in community healthcare centers and hospitals, playing a critical role in public health.

Diploma in Civil Engineering

An intermediate program offering practical and theoretical knowledge in civil engineering, including construction technology, surveying, and infrastructure development. Graduates can step into technician roles or further their studies in this field.

Diploma in Animal Science

This course is tailored for those interested in veterinary sciences and livestock management. It covers animal nutrition, breeding, disease control, and overall animal care, pivotal for careers in veterinary services or livestock production.

Diploma in Plant Science

Students explore plant biology, crop production, and soil science. The program is ideal for aspiring agronomists, horticulturists, and research scientists who want to contribute to sustainable agriculture and food security.

Pre-Diploma in Civil Engineering

A foundational course that introduces basic concepts of civil engineering, preparing students for advanced studies or entry-level positions as civil sub-overseers or technicians in construction projects.

Pre-Diploma in Veterinary JTA

Focused on veterinary practices and animal healthcare, this entry-level course is the stepping stone for those looking to enter the field of veterinary services or animal husbandry as junior technical assistants.

Each program at MBMAN is designed to balance theory and practice, ensuring that graduates are not just academically proficient but also ready to meet industry demands and contribute meaningfully to their chosen fields.



  • Pokhara University

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