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Purbanchal University (पूर्वाञ्चल विश्वविद्यालय) was established in 1995 AD (2052 BS) by the government of Nepal under the Purbanchal University Act (1993), like any other University in the country has been shaped and structured as per the general mechanism of Universities in the World. Purbanchal University is also termed as PU.

Purbanchal University (PU) is situated in the city of Biratnagar in the eastern part of Nepal. Its prime role is to act as a catalytic agent for the promotion of socio-economic transformation in Nepal through quality education appropriate for quality life and a sustainable future. Since its establishment, the University has been motivated by its fundamental objective of preserving, refining, inventing, adapting, extending, and transmitting knowledge in an environment that fosters free inquiry and open scholarly debate leading to the all-encompassing development of the rural people, their economy, and environment.

PU conducts its academic programs through its four constituent campuses as well as 103 affiliated campuses/colleges. Currently, 8,000 full-time students are enrolled under PU in Science & Technology, Management, Education, Arts, Law faculties & other several programs.

The university is managed by 150 core staff and faculty members under the incumbent Vice-Chancellor as the Chairperson of the Executive Council.

Under the physical development plan, PU has endeavored into building its infrastructure and physical facilities with limited resources. For this first phase of development, with an estimate of Rs. 240 million. With its own resources, PU has erected the structures of the academic building, administrative building, student’s hostel building, and the library building. PU is seeking donor assistance to furnish and equip these structures with a reasonable level of administrative, academic, and research amenities.

Through its constituent campuses, PU is offering Bachelors’ programs in Business Administration, Computer Applications, Information Technology, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering & MBBS (upcoming). These campuses also conduct Masters’ programs in Business Administration and Computer Applications & in Population & Gender Studies.

The 103 affiliated campuses offer Bachelors’/Master’s programs in Architecture Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Agriculture, Bio-Chemistry, Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Life Science, Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Public Health, Commerce Studies, Travel, and Tourism Study, Hotel Management, Arts, Sociology, Journalism and Mass Communication, Media technology, Rural Development, Fashion and Technology, Sociology and Special English, Education.

Based on the availability of regional resources and the potentiality for the contribution towards national economic development through studies research and teaching Pedagogies University identified the following areas to establish institutions and schools as the center of excellence centers of Future:

  • Engineering and IT Institute
  • Industrial research, management, and Business Administration
  • Environment protection and Land Resource Management
  • Ethnic diversity, Culture Indigenous study center
  • Food Science and Dairy Technology Institute
  • High value and Industrial crops Research Development and Training Center
  • Medical science
  • Distance Learning

The government of Nepal has provided 545 hectares of land some 30 Kilometers from Biratnagar near East-West Highway. According to the Master Plan University has built an established Medical college for running the MBBS program, an excellent central library, Continuing Education centers are key features of the newly established University. Purbanchal University has Four Constituent Campus and 103 affiliated Campuses running 73 programs under 7 Faculties.



  • Faculty Of Science And Technology
  • Faculty Of Management
  • Faculty Of Arts
  • Faculty Of Education
  • Faculty Of Medical & Allied Science


  • Faculty Of Science And Technology
  • Faculty Of Management
  • Faculty Of Arts
  • Faculty Of Education
  • Faculty Of Medical & Allied Science

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