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Access Education Network Concludes Gantabya New Zealand Program

Event 18 Feb 2024 152 0

Access Education Network Concludes Gantabya New Zealand Program

Exploring Premier Educational Opportunities with Access Education Network's Gantabya New Zealand Program

Access Education Network recently concluded its impactful "Gantabya New Zealand" program, running from February 11th to February 15th at the Putalisadak office. This initiative, themed "Road to New Zealand," showcased over a dozen prestigious educational institutions from New Zealand, offering students a gateway to superior educational opportunities.

Key Highlights of the Program

  • Diverse Participation: Esteemed institutions like Auckland Institute of Studies, Wintec, and Otago Polytechnic, among others, participated, providing insights into academic programs, scholarships, and post-graduation paths.
  • Direct Interaction: Students engaged with representatives for personalized advice, aligning their educational pursuits with their goals.
  • Comprehensive Insights: The program facilitated in-depth discussions on the academic environment in New Zealand, enabling attendees to gather significant information about pursuing higher education there.

Benefits to Students

  • Informed Decision-Making: The event served as a one-stop information hub, aiding students in exploring a variety of educational pathways and making knowledgeable choices about their future.
  • Guidance and Counseling: Through direct consultations, attendees received customized guidance, enhancing their understanding of academic opportunities and application processes.

Rakesh Shrestha, the director of Access Education Network, expressed gratitude towards all participants and highlighted the organization's dedication to providing quality educational access. The successful execution of the Gantabya New Zealand program underscored the network's role in empowering students to confidently pursue their academic ambitions.

The Gantabya New Zealand program by Access Education Network exemplifies a significant effort in bridging students with premier educational institutions in New Zealand. By offering personalized guidance and extensive information, the program stands as a testament to the commitment towards facilitating students' educational journeys. Aspiring students are encouraged to leverage such opportunities to advance their academic and professional futures.