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Career Counseling and Employment Fair starts in Pokhara (2079 Shrawan 6 to 8)

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Career Counseling and Employment Fair starts in Pokhara (2079 Shrawan 6 to 8)

Career Counseling and Employment Fair organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, Technology, and Social Development of Gandaki Province, with the support of the Government of Nepal and the Swiss Government and the technical support of the Nepal Vocational Qualification System Project. More than 1,000 people are expected to get employment from the fair.

Inaugurating the fair, the Chief of Gandaki Province Prithviman Gurung expressed the hope that this type of fair will help in creating employment opportunities as well as creating an important role in skill verification. He wished for the success of the fair, saying that the fair would help him decide which subject would be suitable for him to take training. The

Minister of Internal Affairs of Gandaki Province, Dobate BK, said that the provincial government is committed to guaranteeing security in the profession. He said that under the policies and programs of the Gandaki government, the government is working on how to create jobs in the province.

Bindu Kumar Thapa, Minister of Law, Communication, and Provincial Affairs of the province, hoped that the fair would help in creating employment opportunities while developing entrepreneurship. He said that when the skills of the laborers are on the one hand, there is always a shortage of skilled manpower.

Netranath Adhikari, Speaker of the Gandaki State Assembly, said that if the people do not improve their standard of living, they may go on street protests for the implementation of their fundamental rights. He said that all the 761 governments should work for the benefit of the people.

The Deputy Speaker of the Provincial Assembly Shrijan Sharma mentioned that emphasis should be placed on increasing production and productivity by stopping young manpower from going for foreign employment.

Dhanraj Acharya, mayor of Pokhara metropolis, informed that the metropolis is collecting data about the number of educated unemployed. He said that the poverty line in Pokhara is 8.75 percent and the city is working on how to create jobs to help the poor and unemployed.

Sanjeev Bahadur Koirala, President of the Federation of Nepal Industry and Commerce, Gandaki, hoped that the fair would help the private sector to know what and what kind of manpower is needed. He also stressed the value recognition of labor.

At the event, Rohini Laudari, President of Nepal Home Industry Federation Gandaki, Pratibha Joshi, Team Leader of Nepal Vocational Qualification System Project, and others wished the success of career counseling and employment fair.

Speaking from the chairman's seat, Minister of Education, Culture, Science, Technology and Social Development Mekhlal Shrestha said that the province organized this fair for the first time to provide information about technical education and vocational training and learning based on recognition of prior knowledge. He said that the fair will create an environment to keep the citizens who are forced to go abroad despite having the skills to stay in the country. The program was conducted by Education Development Director Ambika Acharya.

Director Acharya stated that the purpose of the fair is to provide certification to those who have traditional skills but are not certified, for employers to inform about their needs, unemployed to learn skills and skills and to provide training to those who come to learn skills.

There are 37 stalls from different fields in the fair which lasts for 3 days (from 2079 Shrawan 6 to 8) at the Pokhara Exhibition Center located in Nayabazar.

Various types of training are given in skill development programs under the annual programs of various ministries under the Ministry of Education, technical education from classes 9 to 12, and federal and state ministries. But if there is a shortage of skilled manpower in the market, there is no decrease in the trend of going abroad for employment due to a lack of sufficient employment.